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Kidney Stones & Diet

Hey, just wondering if anyone out there deals with calcium kidney stones and what your diet looks like. It is hard to eat clean when you’re not supposed to have too much protein, green veggies, nuts, milk/cheese, whey protein, you get the idea. Thanks

Blakjak, i have had kidney stones in the past. My urologist in the UK put me on a daily dose of pottasium citrate, which can help prevent formation of stones in future. It comes in a liquid, and i take it morning and evening.

It is RX only in the US, so you might want to check with your urologist, and see if it helps. I have a CT scan etc annually to check my kidneys, and have had no issues since i’ve been on the potassium.

My diet pretty much includes everything you posted…

Unfortunately I have a pretty severe case of the stones and have been known to make and pass several within a month. Also, I’ve been on the Potassium Citrate for about a year and it helps quite a bit but I have still have several. anyway, thanks for the post and good luck with them.