Kidney Stone Remedies

Hello all.

I battled a 2mm stone over the last few days and have attempted to find some
info. The doc told me that there are 3-4 different types of stones that form. I make
sure that I stay hydrated all the time and the doc says sometimes people just develop

I have done some research and found some info. Adding lemon/lime juice to water, drinking
shots of apple cider vinegar and there is an herbal tincture called Chanca Piedra.

Anyone have anything else?


Take in less protein. Find out what your recommended daily amount is for your activity level and goals and don’t go too much above that. Flush it down with plenty of water. I think protein would be the most likely cause of kidney stones for people on this board. I had kidney stones and I cut my protein intake to a moderate level and upped my water intake and I haven’t had another big one, although my kidneys do ache if I forget to drink enough water.