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Kidney Stone Questions


i am 16 (17 in march) and i have a couple of kidney stones. Is it safe/healthy to continue lifting or is it just dependent on how i feel?


General disclaimer: "see your Doctor before doing anything". :slight_smile:

If it were me, I'd lift if I felt OK, and I probably wouldn't lift I felt like shite. Apply that to Kidney stones, colds, flu or hangovers. :slight_smile:

Many people (most people?) have kidney-, liver- and gall-stones galore in their respective organs, and it rarely affects them in a concsious way. Occasionally, and especially as these stones move (e.g. when they're on the way out), you can feel them, and it might make you want to do nothing (not even pee!), e.g. because of pain. Respect that, and do something about it.

May I presume you're doing something about the stones? If not, type the phrase in your web browser and learn more - there's a great deal you can do to cleanse yourself of these, without taking harmful drugs (which to me includes anything prescribed by a Doctor!). Include in your research dietary factors - why are you getting these to the extent that they bother you? Too much soda? Not enough water? etc...

Good luck - and may I wish you a painless-peeing Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:



Ouch. I can always tell when my boss has them, as he is in a miserable mood.

I would say yea, ask a doctor. But I don't think there should be any problems with lifting while you have them.


My doctor asked if i was taking any supplements when i went on monday and i told him i took protein shakes and he said i might not be getting enough water.

tuesday i went to get a cat scan and i got a call today that i had a couple stones (the stones are in my upper right kidney at the moment) and that i should see a urologist (i think thats what he told my mom). Guess when the next opening is at the urologist? DECEMBER FREAKING 5th!!

I ended up working out today, but it was upper-body day. All went well, but im a little worried about lowerbody tomorrow :(. All i can say is thank God for pain killers...I think im going to need 'em.


First and foremost always follow your Dr.'s recommendations.

I have quite a bit of experiance with stones and can tell you dehydration is a major cause so drink water a plenty it helps keep the urine diluted and keeps the various cyrstaline products from clumping to gether and helps flush small particles.

Your urine can be a major indicator of how hydrated you are the darker and more odorous your urine the more dehydrated you are the clearer and less odorous the better.

As for lifting there is the possibility of being overcome by pain at the wrong moment which could be dangerous IE when Benching Squating etc. if you have never had them befor and you are experiancing any acute discomfort I would advise you not to lift until your treatment plan gets them under control an acute kidney stone attack can bring the most hardened soldier to his knees.

Honestly they make grown men cry I've seen it and been pretty close to tears a few times my self.

Follow your doctors advice, see the urologist drink plenty of water and be careful asking medical advice on here or any other site if you have any concern with your health at all tell your parents and see a doctor and please tell you doctor everything hiding things for what ever reason is not good he can only treat what he knows.

Good Luck.


Can't go wrong with this. I hate them. Fortunately, drinking plenty of water helps to prevent them.


oh man.
not too long ago I had no idea about kidney stones. thank god my friend gave my a horrifying graphical description of what goes on. jesus...
it was enough to keep me watching what i eat and drink much more than before(even if i wasnt that bad about it).

if i were you I would also do quite a bit of research on your spare time. any knowledge would be helpful for you sir.