Kidney Stone Question

Hope I am in the right area lol Well here it is. I am 36yrs old. I was diagnosed with a kidney stone almost 6mm in right kidney by
abdominal ultrasound. Then we let sit for 2yrs now another abdominal
shows it in the same place bottom of kidney pain not bad just off and
on nothing like I have seen with others. Then doc decided to do xray
of abdomen to determin where exactly so he can break it up but then x-ray
wont show it only abdominal ultrasound shows it. He said possibly has
grown into kidney tissue.

My question is this. If cant see on reg xray
should I worry. Could this be a cyst or something else other then stone?
Should I just leave it even longer or be concerned? Should I ask for more
testing such as ct with dye? My husband had that done with his. I have
had nothing but health problems and it scares me to just leave it if it
hasn’t gone after 2yrs.

You should see a urologist right away, he will probaly reccomend a IVP, then possibly a Lithotrypsy to break up the stones or invasive removal with stent placement.

But the bottom line these are questions that should be put to a urologist not asked on a message board (This always frightens me to see these types of question appear on a board) your health is much to important be very careful asking medical advice on any message board.

What I can tell you is that stones do not belong in your body (But do occur more often than you would think), but some doctors do let them sit so to speak but they also follow up in regular intervals to see if they have moved.

All doctors specialize in certain areas your general practioners experiance in this only goes to a certain level. If it was my health in question and it has been for the exact same reason in the past I would seek the advice of a competant Urologist in my case I sought out the head of the Urology dept.

I would suggest you make an appointment right away do not feel as some people do that seaking a second opinion will offend your doctor, Number one if your doctor is a good doctor they would encourage you to do so. Number two if they do get offended seek another doctor right away it’s your body how dare they dissaude you from receiving proper treatment.

In the mean time drink plenty of water staying hydrated is very important. Go see a Urologist please follow the course of treatment reccomended and ask plenty of questions they are obligated to answer you to the best of there ability.

Good Luck to you, All the Best!

Thank you for your informaiton. I did see Urologist and did have IVP and found out I have 3 of them 2 are 5.0 mm and other is 6.0mm. They will be breaking them up also. Thank you again.

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