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Kidney Problems

Hi folks,

A couple of years ago I started feeling acute pain in my left kidney, I was using ephedrine at the time (although there’s no evidence that this caused the damaged. I’ve also used creatine in the past and had gone on low-carb diets before that).
Tests revealed that the left kidney was performing at about 70%.
Doctors continued to monitor the condition for a year; the pain subsided and all usual markers (creatinine in the blood, protein in the urine) for kidney health returned to normal.

The problem is that despite all the tests, the kidney specialists (nephrologists)did’t have a clue what was wrong with the kidney. All they wanted to do was cut me open so they could have a closer look. I refused.

I’m currently trying to bulk up and have increased my intake of calories (moderate increase in protein), and I no longer have protein-only meals because I feel the kidney labour in order to process the protein.
The pain has now returned and I’m having to minimise the number of meals that I’m consuming each day.

I’ve been told that I don’t have kidney disease or kidney stones!!!

My question to the forum is: has anybody else experienced this? Is there a name for this condition? How can it be dealt with besides cutting protein out the diet altogether?

Keep your water intake high.

I broke my kidney in half (it sucked and its true) and had a huge blood clot. You know what the Dr said other than we can take it out ( i said hell no) drink a shit load of water. I know yours is different but trying drinking more water and you could try some protein enzymes to help with digestion. I also had to be on bed rest for like 2 months but thats not for you. I would try to get more opinions from other Dr’s, have you only gone to one for this? Try a Urologist.