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Kidney Function

Guys, my name is Nick Radonjic and I train very hard and make every effort to eat according to my body’s demands. I am 41 years old, work full time plus, and have a family. My kidney function results for my latest blood test through Wellness, Inc. revealed the following: Creatinine: 1.2, BUN: 17, eGFR: 71, but uric acid was high at 7.4.

It appears as if my father and late grandfather also had elevated uric acid levels as they have had ‘bouts with the gout,’ in the past. I am relatively lean at 6’00" and about 188 pounds. I suspect my bodyfat percentage is between 9-10%. I eat more of a low carb diet during the week, and eat about 1 pound of veggies for about every 50 pounds of bodyweight.

On the weekend, I also eat clean but up the calories signficantly and eat much less meat, fish, protein, but consume clean carbs, like 4 cups of quinua, whole fat traders point yogurt, organic nut butters, fruit, etc. Thank you for reading, but i would like to really lower my uric acid levels and improve my kidney function.

Any advise you may provide is much appreciated. I want to be around for my 18 month old daughter a long time and my new baby coming in June, 2012! Thanks again.