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Kidney Failure - Stage 4?

Hi all,

So I went to the doctors recently as my sleep became really intermittent, out of nowhere I began to get really hot during night, sweating lots and waking up a bunch too.

I got sent for a blood test on Monday, the next day (Tuesday of this week) I get told my kidney function has been highlighted within my bloods and I’d be classified as someone with stage 4 chronic kidney disease - also told that this is concerning for my age (32)

I’ve been told now to drink 3litres of water a day for 3 weeks and go for another test then (told to eat before hand as I was fasted for last test) at which point I’m guessing will be reassessed but to be honest with you I have no fucking idea of what to expect.

Is it common to get wild jumps in levels between tests on these types of things?

Should I be bracing myself for shit news in 3 weeks time? Is the doctor doing what some do and making sweeping statements too early?

Either way I’ve attached what I have for review if anyone has any insight or similar experience of this please do share.

What was the range on eGFR? I am no expert, but I don’t think this is indicative of stage 4 kidney failure. Generally, if your eGFR is about 60, you wouldn’t be considered as having any stage of kidney failure. At low 60s though I would start to think about how to keep them healthy. All of this depends on the range of the test.

If you are muscular, you should probably doing the cystatin c measurement, and calculating eGFR using that and not creatinine (this isn’t a great indicator of kidney health for those who are muscular). If this comes back poor, you need to prioritize kidney health.

Are you taking creatine? Don’t do that near a kidney test, or it will appear worse than it actually is.

I’m not sure on range tbh dude, the whole thing was a blurr I was expecting a call back and to be told to take some more vitamins etc :rofl: then the guy just started talking about stage 4 CKD and I was shocked. I just don’t want to torture myself over the next 3 weeks if this is just my doctor scaring me unnecessarily

Taking creatine yes to answer your question - well I was atleast 3g daily

Keep drinking the water as prescribed. Stop taking the creatine now. That is proven to throw off the results of blood work regarding kidneys.

IMO, your Dr. scared you more than justified by your blood work. I think you could say by your blood work that you are nearing stage 1 CKD, but that you need another test (especially if you were taking creatine).

I bet if you drink more water, eat a bit less protein the day before, and for sure cease the creatine now, that your results will be fine (no CKD).


Thanks man, I’ll be sure to do that.

My old doc did the exact same to me. My eGFR was 55 (worse than yours) and he pretty much told me to quit lifting and quit all supplements and drink a bunch of water. Other things indicated he was a quack, so I left left his practice for a new one.

New doc suggested I get in better shape to try and come off my blood pressure meds, since they can mess with kidney function. Changed nothing else except maybe a touch less alcohol and salt, and eGFR is over 90 now. She didn’t even blink at my creatinine or BUN because lifters (especially those that eat a lot of protein and work at a high intensity often) are always elevated.

Take a look at your meds and supplements, make sure your doc knows about all of them. If you’re gonna take creatine make sure you drink bare minimum of 4 liters of water a day. Anything less and you’ll be asking for trouble. And if you’re not doing anything cardio-wise I’d start twice a week.


I’ve been told I have kidney disease too due to my GFR numbers. Like the others have said, creatine can cause high numbers but so can oral steroids, high proteins shakes, and certain fruits containing potassium.

Drop everything you can from your diet that could cause high readings, and you might add NAC which is a liver treatment but also has benefits for the kidneys. No more dark sodas, try to stick to just water for the next 3 weeks or so.

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Yeah to be honest I’ve been knocking the shakes back and having creatine now for a while… neglected water too for sure.

I take propranolol daily too which ill run by doctor, strangely he didn’t ask one question around my supplements and meds :man_facepalming: