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Kidney Damage, GFR?

So I have been taking test e deca and sustonate.was originally taking test e and prop.i went through some dbol and tbol and dbol now just taking sustanon mk 677 deca and test e and anadrol 50.i have been on orals for 9 weeks.only just started the mk 677 5 days ago.my gfr is 64 it should be above 60 so it’s in the normal range but the doc said it should be 80 or90 .I read that muscle mass can effect the accuracy of these tests and I have been getting bigger my original gfr in September was 76.my creatinine levels were high I read on here that they can rise quite significantly of you do a heavy workout the day before.shpuld I be concerned or are my levels they way they are because of weightlifting.i also smoke cigarettes if that matters

She said my gfr is declining and creatinine levels are increasing so I am a little concerned.shouldni be

I think you should get a cystatin C kidney eGFR test. It is more suitable for lifters than the standard test. I think you should be concerned enough to get the test I recommended. If that test turns out bad, then you probably need to stop what you are doing.

Also, you are using a lot of stuff. Rethink your strategy. You have been on orals 9 weeks. I am not trying to preach to you, but consider getting the most out of the least.

Ok I’ll get off the anadrol and do the test.is it ok to take mk 677 still

I was taking it for my last blood work which showed improvement on egfr. I stopped taking it because it didn’t improve my igf-1.

I take it you are not supplementing with creatine?

You don’t have any doses or timelines listed, but AAS can affect the kidneys, along with weight training and high protein diets.

I do take creatine.i have been on cycle for 12 weeks I took anadrol for the first 4 weeks with winstrol than I took winstrol on its own for two weeks than took dbol and tbol for two weeks now have been on the anadrol again for a week with mk 677 I took testbe and test prop for 8-9 weeks than took sustanon on its own for two weeks than sustanon test e for two weeks with two shots of deca on the we day in this week on Wednesday do it’s almost sorry been two weeks with the sustanon and test e.i take test e on Monday two shots deca on Wednesday two shots a f sustanon on Friday two shots 500 mg test e total 500 mg sustanon total and 600 mg of deca total I was taking 50-75 mg anadrol to begin with at the beginning of the cycle now itake 50 mg and itake 25 mg mk 677 I was taking winstrol at 40 mg a day and I took dbol a d tbol at 30 mg each a day for the two weeks stated.i feel like a dumbass I know haven’t been taking orals that long but got so used to the positive effects that I forgot the consequences.is mk 677 bad for your kidneys and cholesterol I have high cholesterol to.if I stop taking the anadrol and all other orals besides the mk 677 should I be fine.im only planning to run the cycle for another 4 weeks alltho I was going to do a 20 week cycle

The question is which formula she used. With Cockcroft gold getting heavier will positively impact the results. Creatinine is higher in bodybuilders.

Maybe get another test with Cystatin C or get her to use another formula/ask her if she can adapt the variables. Doctors sometimes forget that, normally not.

With a GFR of 76 I’d drop the anadrol at least, if this is correct, it’s really not good.

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This doesn’t have to do with your question, but who designed your cycle? It’s all over the place

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My gfr is 64 it used to be 76 on september.and to answer the q on the last post I was just going with what a buddy said.

With the eGFR at 64, I would pay the money for a Cystatin C test and eGFR using it.

Op,the data you have indicates you may or may not need to worry about your kidneys. You need more data to know, so that is what you should do. My eGFR was 73 using Creatinine and Bun, I used the Cystatin C test as I wasn’t thinking the previous numbers were very good. IIRC, I was at 84 with the Cystatin C eGFR.


So my doctor said the cystatin c test may be useless because its accuracy is apparently affected by muscle mass to he said the regular gfr is to.he suggested I only drink two cups of coffee max a day and drink one a half to two litres of water a day.i was drinking 5-6 cups of coffee a day and was drinking barely any water more milk besides coffees than water.do you think I should talk to another doctor and get a cystatin c test he wants me to get another gfr test in 10 days

This is sound advice

Do what your doctor says, 10 days won’t kill you.

After that, we can evaluate your results again.,

Ok sounds good

My Creatinine is 1.65 and my eGFR is 58. My kidneys are also functioning just fine.

Is this gyno…

My gfr is 81 now :grinning:

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