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Kidney Beans and Bloating?

I started adding kidney beans (the canned kind) to my chili and enchiladas mix and I feel really bloated and blocked. Will I get used to it or anything, should I buy “raw” beans ??? Thx.

i know that if you dont cook the beans to a high enough temp. that bacteria in the can from the beans can cause these symptoms…

How much are you consuming at one time? Too much fiber at once maybe?

I had that problem too, but here is what I do when making chili. I dump the can of kidney beans into a collinder over the sink, and wash all the slimy crap off. I then add the beans to my chili. By rinsing all the crap of the beans, I have eliminated bloating and most farting. I hope this helps. -Starkdog

Could be a food allergy as well. I know me from doing carb ups a few years back I would literally put on 10+lbs of water overnight if I had 1 pack of sugar free jello or anything with lots of corn starch. It would then dissipate in a day or two but was annoying as hell dropped the corn starches and all good.