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Kidney and Liver Supplements?


Whats everyones top kidney and liver supplements?


You can do plenty with REAL cranberry juice and lemons. Cheaper than supps and probably more effective.


I know that many people believe that having large bags under their eyes is a sign of liver toxicity.
lime juice in my water, as well as sub-lingual glycine before meals made the skin under my eyes a lot tighter. I have also used milk thistle which also did a great job of getting the bags under my eyes to improve noticeable (friends commented and asked if i was sleeping better).

i have no blood test or anything like that to prove that the liver was healthier, but if you believe the eye thing then the glycine/lime and milk thistle do work.


Silymarin is the active component in Milk Thistle. Type it in PubMed and you will get a lot of studies on it.


Alpha Lipoic Acid
Liver Care/Liv 52
Milk Thistle
100% cranberry juice not the cocktail drink.
1 whole lemon juiced into temped water first thing in the morning.

I thought I liked Alpha Lipoic Acid but I am very brand sensitive and can't figure out why.
Does any one have an idea?

First brand I tried was fine but I am thinking about throwing away this second brand I bought.
The same dose has different effects on me, such as nausea and lethargic.


  1. Purity: Usually why most people react to different brand. And think in terms of the second being better then the first. you are tired because it's actually doing it's job? Or it's pure crap.

  2. Coating: maybe you can't tolerate that?

  3. Dose. Yes, you mentioned that, but double check :slight_smile:

  4. Time of year and has nothing to do with ALA?

Just trowing stuff. I had something similar with CLA. Found out one brand wasn't using the Tonelin process and it was pure crap. And no, don't use it anymore.