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Kid Stuck in the 80s Gets His Delorean Repo'd


Okay, admittedly I've had a bit of free time this week because I'm finding all sorts of entertaining stuff online. I've never watched this show on tv before, but this is pretty damn funny.




That kick was epic. Holy shit I laughed so hard.


Jesus Christ! Starts dancing while he cries? LMFAO


this is fake as hell, I couldn't get into it because of this.


yep that whole show is bullshit, with just about every other "real" show on tv


TruTv has some good shit on their site though like the Most Shocking or Most Daring.

LiveLeak has better REAL stuff though.


kicked in the taint by a Michael Jackson imitator wanna be


The repo guy Matt was on a FitTv show called "the gym" a reality show about personal trainers, he had a side job as a repo guy, not that it makes this any less fake. He used to be pretty freaking big, looks like he may have cut down on the training a bit.


Yeah, I thought I recognized him, but I don't think it's his "training" he's cut down on -lol.



haha...no shit. That show is awfull and everything about it is sprinkled with horseshit. However it does provide work for struggling actors lol.




Wait is it actually fake though? I'm confused. I've seen it a couple times...some of that shit seemed pretty real?


Even if it isn't, it isn't like there aren't people just that retarded in real life.

I am more noticing the negative comments thrown at the guy who looks like he lifts as far as his perceived weight loss. If people on bodybuilding forums are talking shit, I can only imagine what sedentary people do if they ever see a big guy lose some muscle mass.


So this is what bodybuilders do after the get their pro cards...


LMAO- Ok, Ok,.. so I've been spending a little too much time online lately :slight_smile:

Just winding down for my summer off (I've been working in a high school, so things are slowing down the past week). Actually gonna take the Girl out to Vegas next Monday for a little getaway (the least I can do after she put up with 25 weeks of my contest dieting!).

Actually, I'm still hoping to get some of the local T-Folk together sometime in July, hit up one of the better gyms in Manhattan and then have a little T-Fueled Grub afterward, so keep that in mind anyone in the NY/NJ/PA and other nearby vicinities.