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Kid Rock


Goin to see Kid Motherfuckin Rock tonight! He's playing with Skynyrd at an outdoor venue tonight in Jersey...

It's going to be badass.

Anyone else dig'em?


Not really ... but it does sound like it's going to be a kick ass concert tbh


of course I'm in Michigan:P. All the chew dippin' guys I used to work with would bump his shit all day so it grew on me some.... I always hear good things about his concerts though. ENJOY!! Expect lots of weed/drugs and drunk people:D


Yeah, I loved Kid Rock's earlier albums - History of Rock being my favourite.

Have a good time man! Get some pics if you can.


Older stuff is ok, I think his combination of werewolves of london and sweet home alabama is the worst song ever though.


Awesome, is he going to pretend to be country and bastardize any more songs while up there?


Fucking A..... When that shit came out you couldn't listen to any radio station here in Michigan for longer than 10 minutes without hearing that fucking song.

Not a fan of Kid Rock at all.. In my opinion he's a novelty act just like a limp bisquit or somebody.... But there is no denying that he is HUGE here in Michigan.


There's a lot of people that feel like you, but for whatever reason, he's still my guilty pleasure. I like a lot of his earlier stuff. I also appreciate that I was in a bar once when he bought the whole place a couple rounds.


Bob is cool as hell and since I grew up in MI and have meet Bob a few times it would only be stupid not to be a fan.

What I do have a problem with is this hole Skynard thing. The original deal was that as long as 2 surviving members were in the band they can use the name and since there are only 2 left and only 1 that sometimes plays they need to find a new name.


Kid Rock is definately one of those acts you know your not supposed to like...but you do anyway. It's weird. There's something honest about him. Or maybe it's just the far north Queensland in me ( hard drinking, truck driving, kangaroo shootin SOB ) I'd see him live for sure. Plus, he woulda wailed on Pammy so hard..... lucky man!


By the way, the show was awesome. Drunk enough to have a good time but not falling over and embarrassing myself. He just keeps getting better every time I see him. And he's certainly no novelty- the guy definitely knows how to play, and he entertains. There's a reason that he's lasted so long as opposed to Limp or those other bands.

While I was there, I saw the greatest Harley t-shirt ever- it said, "I like to snatch kisses, and vice versa."


Not a fan, but I did meet him at a V.I.P. area for the Buick Open one year.

A guy went up to him and said, "You probably get really sick of getting asked for autographs, huh?"

He replied, "Get sick of being loved? Nah."


He seems like a cool guy like that. Definitely down to earth.


Not a fan of his music. But my chiropractor passed on a cool story to me.

A waitress he knows at a local sportsbar told him about a famous hockey player who was in the bar one night with another teammate. These guys spent hours there and racked up a large tab. When they paid the bill and left, the fuckers didn't tip the waitress.

A few days later, Kid Rock comes into the bar. The waitress, just having experienced a bad time with a celebrity, expected more of the same from Kid Rock. However, as soon as he sits down, he tells the waitress to inform the manager that all the patrons in the place were on HIS bill for the duration of his stay!

Fuckin' great guy!


I saw Kid Rock open up for Powerman 5000 once. This was obviously just before his career tookoff and powerman fell off the face of the earth shortly after


Skynard was wicked when I saw him at an outdoor concert in Alberta

I like Kid Rock!


All I have to say is......


So, who the hell is still in Skynyrd from the original band anyway? One of the Van Zant brothers or cousins? I know Gary Rossington is still alive.






Im jelous man Kid Rock and Skynard are both great, I bet it was a blast.