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Kid Impaled Thru Neck and Lives




Damn! That kid's got bragging rights forever (plus the scar and news articles to prove it).


The only conclusion I've come to is that this kid would make a horrible ninja, stealthy my ass. Also, what kind of name is Dez Heal??


Poor kid. Thankfully he's alive.

His dad is a trooper for not freaking out.


That's my town, folks!


"they finally got the splinter out"



I knew a kid that went through something similar. While playing with fireworks a metal rod impaled the under side of his mouth and went through his cheek. Everything went well except the rod took out a large chuck of his tongue.


Thats what I was thinking. Oh and that one poor kid is scared of bamboo!

Props to the kids for not freaking out and pulling it back out themselves!