Kid Graduates H.S. and College

So whoever makes excuses that they don’t have time to work out…can shut their mouth now.

That’s definitely impressive, I just hope he doesn’t one day regret not having the “college experience”.

Of course, he is still ridiculously young, so he has plenty of time and options to work with (if he chooses to go back for advanced degrees… why not?). It’s rare to see someone that young have their shit so well put together (I know I sure as hell didn’t).

Good stuff.

Thats just really motivating, I love how he mentions their not being much opportunity in what he graduated in though… hope im not the same with my cinema & photography degree!

This dude kicks rear!

damn sucks he didn’t like his film major in the end. He should get into filming porn to make some money to get through pre-med:D