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Kid Goes SUPER SAIYAN on Video!

…or at least he tries to.

Thanks pbclax for sending this.

Just go to 3:30

Shouldn’t it take at least 3 episodes to make the transformation?

Who’s going to break it to him that black people can’t be Super Saiyans?

That kid must’ve spent a lot of time eating PF Chang’s General Tsao’s chicken, Aunt Jemima brand frozen sausage biscuits for breakfast and a lot of kimchi. I guarantee that was at least a 5.3 couric effort.

oh wow

wonder what his school days will be like from now on


Well that… happened.

Leaving now.

Who said E numbers are bad for you?

OMG! This reminds me of when I tricked my brother into thinking DBZ ‘power-levels’ was a real deal.

We used to keep our weight scale in the bathroom right near the towel rack (which was mounted on the wall). I was mucking around on it when my brother walked past to have a look at how much I weighed. I got an idea (since we were into DBZ at the time) to show him how I could increase my power level by standing there, clenching my fists and yelling like an idiot.

He watched the needle on the scale jump around feverishly, slowly increasing in weight as I ‘powered up’. I was using my hand to push upward on the towel rack so my wieght pushed down on the scale… He kept looking around the scale and couldn’t figure out how I did it.

I convinced him it was legit, and told him to try.

Was the most hilarious thing ever, having him on the scale, yelling and growling, trying to up his ‘power level’ for a good 5 minutes before telling him it was all a sham.

Ahhh… Good times.

damn, i bet they te him up at school…he removed th id

I liked the end where he got all intense and said ‘My name is Jaelyn…and I am a super saiyan.’

Chills, brah.