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Kid Gets an 'Xbox' (Video)


Someone please tell me that this is either fake or that the kid has been taken away from his parents and placed in a foster home or something. I'll sleep a lot better that way.



Thanks for ruining my fucking day!! Why is violence illegal? I should be allowed to be the fucking shit out of that guy while I LAUGH AT HIM! God Damn it....


How awful. Parenting FAIL. It's one thing if you can't afford it, but why get the kids hopes up.


I'm pretty sure microsoft gave that kid a free xbox because of this video.


"Look at the camera and cry!"

What a coupla assholes. How on Earth could they think a little kid of all people would find such a thing funny FROM HIS PARENTS??

And they keep laughing even after the kid looks about ready to burst into tears. Talk about a dick move.


that's why I'm never having kids I can see me and whatever wicked girl i end up with doing this kinda shit all the time.

that is an ugly kid


I was thinking they might have actually had the X-Box hidden since they had the box and that when the two fat girls got up at the end I thought they were going to get it.
If not, fucking awful people,

That kid should start lifting and beat the shit out of them.


And I will be the guy that knocks on your door and when you answer I will skull fuck you. Asshole!


That's exactly what I thought!


dude, calm down

who here hasnt played a trick onn their family? who here hasnt been fucked with by a parent?

i understand this is an extreme example but hell yea I'm definitely going to fuck with my kids all the time....its called joking

but if you want to make weird threats we can play that game too

I'll carve OVERSENSITIVE in your forearm with a fork and set it on fire so it heals up with a scar....then I'll put hot sauce on my feet and assfuck you with them

chill out dude


Awesome! Touche' I have to admit the hot sauce part made me laugh. :>)

EDIT: Something about fucking with kids emotions like that (the video) that was meant to do nothing other than completely lift him up and then slam him back to the ground really infuriates me.


Microsoft gave him a free Xbox anyway.


I can't wait to play insane pranks on my kids. It won't be anything like that video where they are on the verge of tears.

but they'll be walking down the hall, trip on a rope and fall down into some fly paper. Then I'll pop out of the hallway closet and pour a bunch of water and flour all over them. Then my wife will come around the corner with my sons girlfriend and a camera and take pictures.

and he'll be like 'awww dad, you got me!' And we'll all laugh and then he'll go get showered and go to Bennigan's!



bennigans makes everything right


the vid was overboard but it could be a lot worse, the kid will get over it


youre in Ohio?

dude our kids have to meet each other, I mean they'll be good friends because they'll come from the ame kind of fucked up home haha


That poor kid, his parents are dicks. But at least they didn't convince him that he was about to be eaten by a FRICKIN ZOMBIE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASr5GcuDHug


Methinks they could afford an XBox, if the fat bitch stopped buying so many twinkies and whatnot.


That video is fucking sweet. The kids fought that zombie with samurai spirit!


Christmas is very important to kids. You can't fuck around with something as pure and joyful as X-mas morning when you open your presents. That is a dick move.

They took time to find an xbox box, stuff clothes in it, and then tape it up, and then wrap it!

If you can't afford it, then don't dangle that crap in the kid's face. That is a douchebag move.