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Kid Cudi Song Stuck In My Head


I had never heard of this guy before this weekend (yeah, I'm out of the loop)

Anyway, I'm really liking it. Does anyone know of similar artists I might enjoy?


looking for chill music to play when you drive around?

i like mos def as well


Thanks - I never heard this song before and actually like it quite a lot.


have you heard cudi - common and kanye poke her face? i havent been able to get that out of my head since i first heard it


Haha ever since I heard this song in the Montreal clubs I've loved it.


Oh if you liked those check out Rise Up by Yves Larock, Ella Elle L'a by Kate Ryan, and Infinity by Guru Josh Project. Also, the Crookers remix of Day N Night is waaaaaay better.


Crookers Mix:

indeed it rox


Beat me to it, the remix is better.


whiz khalifa is kind of similar

Great to Be Here

Smokin Good

Should I Feel Bad?

BUss' Down

Tabi Bonney is good too

Tabi Bonney - Jet Setter

Charles Hamilton is similar to all the above

Brooklyn Girl

Rock Star Girl (Offspring Sample)

Wale also carries a similar swag

Wale feat Justice - Wale-Dance (hope youre fimilar with Justice by now!)

Nike Boots

here are some bonuses

Skillz ft Freeway - Dont ACt like U Dont Know!


This song Is a good one ( Yes I made that in the Video also )

Most of you know it.

and this one below, kinda strange instruments being used but sounds cool


Which kid cudi song is it? Can't play that vid in my country. A-a-a-a-a-at ni-ight?


I hate the guys delivery and voice, but the beat is OH SO SICK!

Yah I love this song too.


I either hangout with Marley or Kid Cudi's Day and Nite. I put that fucker on repeat and crank one out...OH WEE!




Shawn Jackson - Feelin Jack

This is sick...dope beat too


Blu and Exile too
chill hip hop...beats and rhymes


Yeah, this version is def better for clubs, but I prefer the lazy slow-mo version I posted. I guess it just suits my personality better. haha


Thanks, 781 - you just increased my play list. I especially like Charles Hamilton.


Dude! You made youtube videos about your game consoles? haha

If I have any gaming questions I know who to go to!


Thanks, man. Both have good beats.