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Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon

anyone else heard this album? I’m enjoying it more I listen too it, hip hop has had some great releases recently - slaughterhouse,blueprint3,obcl2

Yes. He has a great mix of some some artist’s popular song. I think it was a Kanye West song but not sure.

For a while I really thought he was bad (and I even think I posted about it here), but as more and more leaks come out I’m starting to mind him less. He’s got his own aesthetic, which is more than most rappers can say.

He’s got two mixtapes out that I know of, “A Kid Names Cudi” and “Dat Kid From Cleveland”, so you might want to check those out. But listening to those mixtapes is what me me not like the guy, as he is definately a weak rapper (I still think that).

He can sing a hook pretty well, and he knows pick good beats and do something atleast passable with them. His rapping itse’f needs to get better, but since his album isn’t going to be only rap, it’s alright if he’s a little weak at it.

I’m assuming most have heard “Day ‘n’ Night” and “Make Her Say (Poke Her Face)”, so here are some other tracks:

Sky High (off the second mixtape): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TRMXM1AaNY
Sky Might Fall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4YBv4PUoCU (Produced by Kanye West)
Soundtrack 2 My Life: http://usershare.net/fb9m3b5jk9ao (Kind of whiny but catchy)
Simple As: http://usershare.net/1o820fhk6tis

Edit: The last 2 songs are pretty new so I couldn’t find them on youtube, those are the links posted on nahright.