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Kid Bodybuilder


ok i love training and lifting weights but isn’t this enough? this kid scares me imagine him fighting with his friends hehehe

Not that sandrick guy again.

hes a short mf now with an average body.

[quote]emonkeh wrote:
Not that sandrick guy again.

hes a short mf now with an average body.[/quote]

I would actually say less than average. I knew some guys at that age growing up that actually had some real size on him. All of that early restriction didn’t seem to do him well for the long term. He is NOT impressive at all now.

I’ve seen leaner children. Visit Africa for a bit and then tell me you still remember that kid.

Looks like a trailer trash karate kid. Funny video.

After seeing a documentary about that kid, I feel sorry for him.

It is very strongly suspected that his dad was roiding him up at that age, and both of his parents were trying to turn him in to their gravy train.

They were hyping him up too much. He did NOT have the body of a “full grown man after years of training”.

But he was obviously in awesome shape. I saw fairly recent pictures of him and he was not as big as I expected him to be.

Looking at him now, he just looks like a little kid with some okay abs.

Nothing at all to write home about, and he just looks ridiculous trying to play Tarzan in movies nowadays.

That poor kid is fucked. Seriously. Fucked.