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Kickstarting My Routine


I am a 32 yr old active male who needs to restart my, ‘Body Building’ routine. I am 5’8" and weigh roughly 155 Lbs with around 8-10% body fat. I am still not at my ideal, ‘Look’ and am requesting some assistance.

I did a cycle of Creatine back in Mar to May and saw some results however I still need some food tips and exercise tips to build muscle, develop lean muscle tissue (especially around my mid- section) and the lot.

In a nutshell I as hoping someone with the same frame could send me a nutrition chart of what they eat and if they could also send me a program that they used to achieve greater results. Is that too much to ask? Any assistance would be much appreciated.



The best to kick start your routine is by going into the gym and picking up some weights.

Aside from that, the top three threads in this section should give you an idea of where to go with nutrition. Anyone is going to tell you to read first and get a decent base of knowledge. Then come back with more specific questions.

People get paid to design exercise routines and nutrition plans. As such no one is going to do it for free, and if they do can you trust them to know enough about YOUR body to design it so that you get the best from it. Only you can design such a plan, but you have to spend the time to get the knowledge to do that.

Like the above person said nobody here can give you an exact routine/diet that will give you the results you want. What we can do is give you, based on information you give US, a basic outline of diet and lifting that meet your general goal. From there it’s trial and error and tweaking what you’re given to work optimally for you.

One thing I can say is that if you want a strong defined mid section do lots of compounds. Your core stabilizes your body so things like squats, deadlifts, overhead pressing and the like all utilize your core to keep you from toppling over.

Here is what I what you need to read, if you havn’t yet.


Do not however think that by complicating things and nailing down every little detail is what you need to be doing now. The most important thing to nail down is the basics. The very MOST important thing is consistency.

You could apply EVERY single body building building principle 50% of the time and you get no results. However you could apply just 10% of the most basic principles 90% of the time and get the TONS of results.

Make sure that every day you train you include some big movements that are a combination of multiple joints. If you do any isolation movements leave them for the end of the training day.

Once you feel like have gotten the basics nailed down then move on to more complicated things.