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Kickstarting Method


hi i've been coming up economical ways to kickstart my first cycle of Test E and Dbol (10 weeks, test 600mg/week, Dbol at 30mg a day). I've changed it around alot, and i want some feedback from those with experience with these compounds.

brief history: 22 years old, training 6 years on and off, started at 130 pounds and i'm beginning my cycle at 175 lbs at 7% BF at around 5'8. I know some have the opinion that 22 is too young, but thats not what i'm asking... this cycle is purely for mass, although i generally cant help but stay lean.

my first idea for a kickstart was running Dbol from weeks 1-4, but most people told me to run the Dbol when the test is at its strongest because they work synergistically so i've decided to probably run it weeks 4-10.

I thought it would be too expensive to use test P for kickstart but i think i could do it with only 1000mg

this is what i was thinking

Test E or C: weeks 1-10, 250mg E3D
Test P: week 2 150mg EOD, week 3: 100mg EOD
Dbol: week 4-8 and 10-12 at 30mg ED

Adex .5mg EOD

im just wondering if this is a good way to kickstart my cycle. Also, since it is my first cycle, this method would allow me to see how i react to the test before adding in Dbol.

i didnt include the test P on the first week because expenses

the reason Test P is 150mg EOD on week 2 and 100mg on week 3 is because i plan to frontload the Test E so i figure by then it will have slightly kick in.

please tell me if you think this is a good cycle idea


Personally, I don't think that a kickstart will buy you much, and since it is your first cycle and you have no idea how severe your sides might be, I would not recommend it (especially with a long ester). The Adex should, of course, minimize estrogen-related sides, but you will need to experiment a bit to get the correct dose. 0.5 mg EOD is a good place to start, but some are over-responders and need less, and some aromatize more than normal (like myself) and need more. This is just my opinion, and I'm sure others may disagree.

And be sure to eat more if you want to see mass gains - at 7% BF you can afford to put on a little fat in the process. There's nothing worse than wasting a first cycle because you didn't provide enough food for growth.


Everything I've been reading says to front load the Test instead of using any oral to kickstart.

the front load protocol (found on another thread) says to take your weekly dose times halflife divided by 7 then add the single dose to that.

Better yet... read this

This is what I'm planning to do