Kickstarting metabolism aint a good idea..

OK, I have been dieting for approx 8 weeks now, lately going on 2000 kcals/day+ 400 kcal worth of cardio. My daily requirements are 2800 kcals. Stats: 6´1, 175 lbs, 6.7% bf.
The thing is, whenever I go from a negative diet to a MAINTENANCE diet, I tend to put on some blubber, which I guess is a result of my crippled metabolism.
For how long should one wait before going maintenance/bulking cals after a dieting phase? Is raising cals with 10% each day a good idea?

Awww, cmon I thought this was a pretty legit question that doesnt get answered anywhere else!

Then I’d say you really didn’t go on a maintenance diet. Maybe a slower transition is in order, where you increase cals slowly until you hit a balance point.

Brider is right. I was on the fat fast diet and introduced carbs slowly for a week before going to “maintenance calories”. Eat clean, follow massive eating protocols and you won’t be gaining any blubber. I checked bodyfat and weight daily to detect and keep the blubber under control. I’ve never done it this way before, but it worked. Because your body is on a depleted phase, when you start eating, it becomes very anabolic. I’ve gained LBM and lost fat during the maintenance week… and I eat 4200 calories a day. If you eat “clean” you shouldn’t gain fat.