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Kickstart First Cycle with Test Prop?

Age 29,People are telling me I won’t see any gains my first cycle? Test prop kickstart for 4 weeks 35 mg Ed=250 mg ew,with test e 250 mg twice a week total 750 mg a week for 4 weeks. then drop the prop and just inject e twice a week for 500 mg?
Someone told my myostatin will be to high which will stall my gains? I am already sucidal if I see no gains I will definitely kill myself! Please help.
Week 1-4 750 mg of test combined
Week 4-8 test e 500 mg
I know I am cursed but is my cycle screwed? Should I just save myself the troubles and jump in front of a car?

If this is a joke then it’s not at all funny. If it’s not a joke then you don’t need a cycle, you need someone to talk to, and immediately.


AAS and mental instability… not a great combo. Get yourself worked out in the head first and if you still want to do this keep it simple. You will see gains, you don’t need to combine esters, and myostatin has no bearing on your cycle.

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I would use some anti depressants and mood stabilizers as a kick start rather then test prop.

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Already on anti/therapy u do me no favors by not helping me

Sorry let me break out my PhD I havr in counseling loose cannons over internet forums il be right back.

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Steroids are not going to help you. What will happen when you get off steroids? You will start losing gains. You are going to have mental and emotional ups and downs.

Your physical gains should take a back seat right now, so you can get your mental and emotional gains in order. You are only 29. You have a whole life ahead to use gear. Dont rush it. Life is a marathon.

Zeek is doing you a huge favor. He has never pointed anyone in the wrong direction.

You honestly have made it impossible for anyone to give you legit advice. Would you give someone advice if they were speaking of killing themselves? Steroids are not your answer. Especially not in the doses you are speaking of, right off the bat.

I would suggest blood work first to see what your normal levels are. There are links between Low T and depression. Maybe you are Low T and would benefit from a TrT protocol more than cycles. Low dose, like 100mgs a week divided into 2 shots.

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I actually do have low t but it’s borderline it’s 1 point off my free t is 47 46 being low t and my total t is 350 I don’t qualify for trt doctor told do it yourself and just do some research! Now people don’t wanna fucking help

You are asking different things bud. Trt is not running cycles. TrT is forever. Cycles only last 10-16 weeks depending upon compounds at higher doses.

There are TrT clinics that will help you. They dont concentrate on that number so much as they do as treating the symptoms and patient. The only downfall behind that is it will cost of out pocket unless your insurance is amazing.

I honestly think TrT would be a good start for you. So long as you have a full blood panel to begin with. Then start out at 100mgs a week. And stay consistent, for at least 6 months before making any protocol changes. The problem with TrT is most guys wont trust the process.

I am running 200mgs of Test C a week. I do shots on Tuesdays and Saturdays. My Test levels at last lab was 1240’s. I have never taken an AI. I went through a period where my E2 was elevated in the high 50’s and 60’s. I would rather deal with higher, high-ish E2 than having low E2.

Is that seriously what you took away from all the responses?

Yes because I don’t understand why u can’t answer my question what’s the point of having steriod if no one is willing to help I have seen plenty of doctors they tell me test is fine!
Now will my cycle work I’m gonna do it so just help me from the bottom of my heart life is a punishment I hate life so much! People are so difficult!
My cycle as planned 250 mg of test prop a week for 4 weeks on top of 500 mg of test e once test w kicks in at 4th week drop prop
Week 1-4 35 mg of prop Ed
Week 1-10 test e 250 tues/Thursday!

It probably has a lot to do with that right there. You’re unstable. Guess what happens to an unstable mind when you start flooding it with hormones? Hint: nothing good.

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You are not mature enough nor in the right mental state to use gear. You didnt get the answers you like so cry like a baby and talk about killing yourself. Thats really going to make people want to help you.

You cycle is garbage.

What would you say to someone who was threatening or even speaking of suicide if they didnt get their way in life?

Help them because what if they do kill themselves and why is my cycle garbage because I’m looking to kickstart a beginner cycle(500 mg of e)with prop please tell me how my cycle is garbage? You do me no favors by not helping me!

I am about to be 30 in a week have a solid job a house to myself I am very mature,it seems like no one is ready for steroids bunch of fucking clowns trying to tell another man how to live his life,instead of helping! I remember I posted back in the day when I was 22 and people said I was to young smh now I’m 30 can squat 450,deadlift 550 and bench 375 and people still fucking complaining! This is exactly why I hate life.

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I’ve already gave you all the advice I am comfortable with giving. I am not an expert nor Dr. But TrT dose Test isnt going to kill you. You have displayed emotional and mental instability, that is why no one is giving you advice.

You are a grown ass man, its not like you cant make your own decisions if you want to run a cycle or not. You cry again about clowns telling you how to live your life, now you are crying about the same clowns not giving you the advice to live your own life.

Good luck bud

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Here’s your advice. Don’t do a cycle. Try 150 mg a week of just test and see how you are in 6 weeks. Assess from there/

All evidence to the contrary. You say you’re mature. Then act like it. Be a damn grownup and get help.

And to answer your original question (which could have been answered immediately by knowing how to use Google) you don’t need to kickstart your first cycle with prop. It’s already hard enough to manage all the changes from a test cycle, you don’t need to add a degree of difficulty by mixing esters briefly and then dropping them. If all you wanted was to get your test up quickly while cycling then sustanon would be a perfectly fine way of doing it. Sustanon has its own issues, but it would have served your purposes better than the plan you laid out.

That’s the thing I got prop and e so I gotta work with what I got I already ordered everything!
Now I’m trying to make the best gains for my cycle I’m having a hard time understanding how adding more test prop on top of e won’t result in more gains and there’s 50 million different answers out there so I ask for my situation only?

While I condone the prior advice given so far, in that androgenic steroids can affect mood and if you have a mood disorder it can exacerbate it, I will address the query in hand.

First cycle - 250-500mg TE/wk will do you fine. Don’t worry about advanced cellular physiology topics like myostatin until you’ve researched (or preferentially studied) for a few years and know what the fk it’s all about.

Sounds like your friends are bandying around words like myostatin to show how clever they are. Ask them by what physiological means and signal transduction pathway leads a non front loader of T to increase the TGF-beta myseocine myostatin. Watch their expressions.

There are studies showing myostatin inhibition through cardio exercise, and also a causal relationship to one’s level of insulin sensitivity/tolerance, being that someone with a low sensitivity will have high myostatin levels and increasing their sensitivity will inhibit the myocine.