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Kicking up Protein from 150Gm's to 300Gm's....


Hi all,

After many years I've gotten to 190 of lean muscle tissue (+ 30ibs overweight) on 150Gms. Am now on a cut and want to strip down to 190Ibs, where I should see a few abs.

Simultaneously, at least over the next few weeks I'll be phasing up from 150 to 300gms/day, but I'll be preserving a daily deficit of 500Kcals, cycling up some days to 700 in the red.

Whilst I'm on a cut, any opinions on whether I should see any gains in muscle size from the doubling of my protein intake? 150gm's is a big jump but it's what my body needs at 1.5gms per Ib of LMT.




Most likely not (and I'm not saying this to be a dick) because someone who asks these kinds of question usually doesn't have a grasp on optimal nutrition and training in the firt place.

Also, there are too many variables here. We have no idea what routine you're using to drop weight, what you did beforehand, how experienced you are, and what your strength and stats are.

If 150 grams of protein is enough for you to gain muscle on provided calories are sufficient, you will not see much of a difference in growth just because you increased protein intake. If calories are sufficient, and 150 wasn't enough, then you should see a discernible change.


One gram per pound of body weight has always worked well, I think you should try that first instead of just going for 300 which would be 220 for you.


I don't want to be anywhere near your ass when you double your protein basically overnight. Smeeeelly.

Like Joab said maybe try 200 then bump it up accordingly.


You'll find I'm one of the few exceptions then, but I've never had the time to integrate a full BB diet into my working lifestyle until now.

Fair enough, I need to insert that data into my profile, but in short I've lifted on and off for 20 yras, now following MAX-OT principles, big compounds 3-4 days a week and until today, I'd been eating when hungry, not every 2.5hrs, so I was only getting 150gms. Not sure what my strength has to do with anything but it will be in my profile, along with the stats.


Yep, hence the mention of "phasing" in my opening post!! :slightly_smiling:


Personally I've never seen a difference with myself and others I've trained when the protein is raised that high. Furthermore, I've never read any credible studies that prove that much protein will make a difference. Granted there are many nutritional companies that sell protein that make great claims. I've just never seen anything which proved them correct. I'm also aware that this runs counter intuitive to the many who feed off the "more is better" protein craze.