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Kicking Smolov Jr.'s Ass

Hello, my name is Mike. I have done weightlifting, rugby, track, and wrestling. I live in Montreal but go to school in Halifax. I am in residence and only have access to food that I cook or get from the cafeteria.

I just completed two cycles of 5/3/1 and will be doing Smolov Jr. for bench and squat.

Current maxes
squat (atg) 355 lbs
bench 225 lbs
military press 135 lbs
deadlift 375 lbs

I will have a 405 lbs squat before April 28th. I will bench 245 lbs by the same date.

Edit: I weigh around 180 and am 20 years old.

I feel like calculating my percentages.

70% 250 lbs
75% 265 lbs
80% 285 lbs
85% 300 lbs

70% 155 lbs
75% 170 lbs
80% 180 lbs
85% 190 lbs

I will be returning home next week for spring break, Smolov will have to wait two weeks. It ends up being good for me because I think my body needs a break. So for the next two weeks I will work on technique and keep things light.

That being said here is tonights training.

Box Jump



figuring out technique, any tips?


Box Jump

Farmers walk, short distance(weight listed without bar)
5x1 w/ 90
3x1 w/ 140

Dips (30 reps total)

Medicine ball wall throws
3 sets

19 dips is a huge pr for me. Tonight was probably the most fun I have had lifting in awhile.

Box Jump

Farmers walk, short distance
5x2 w/90

Db clean and press
3 sets 10 reps

So the break is over.

6x6 @ 250 lbs (70%)

After the break, these didn’t feel so hot.

I got asked for advice for the first time! It was awesome and I think I actually might have given useful advice.

I was incredibly sore today. It is a good that I didn’t try and do Smolov itself and instead opted for Smolov Jr… My conditioning sucks right now.

7x5 @ 265 lbs (75%)


I think I will start doing some extra work after the squats, as soon as it doesn’t hurt to sit down.

The day off helped a TON.

8x4 @ 285 lbs (80%)

Clean and Press
1x5 @ 115 lbs

3 way raises

Didn’t get enough sleep and eating was shitty.

10x3 @ 300.5 lbs (85%)

I’m glad that is over, nearly lost it a few times.

Lesson learned.

Power clean + Front Squat + Jerk
3x3 135 lbs

Db Incline Bench Press
working up to 3 reps @ 70 lbs

working up to 3 reps @ 100 lbs

Edit: later
15 minutes

6x6 @ 265 lbs

Db Incline Bench Press
3,3,10 @ 60 lbs

1x3 50 lbs
1x3 70 lbs
1x10 80 lbs

Keep kicking ass. What gym do you use?

I live right next to the Dalplex, so I train there. Which do you use?

[quote]hammer_man wrote:
I live right next to the Dalplex, so I train there. Which do you use?[/quote]

Various Nubodys. I went to Dal (long time ago now) and used the Dalplex often.

Keep hammering away.

7x5 @ 285 lbs

My calves are sore right after doing the sets. Is this normal?

4x4 @ 305 lbs

I’m shutting Smolov down. My squat had gotten noticeably stronger already but I feel like I am going into clinical depression. I wanted to break down and not move ever again. It might have had to do with the mental exhaustion of writing two exams before but this is too much.

The log will go on, yet Smolov is gone.

I will test my squat max next week.