Kicking It Up A Notch, Finally

So I’ve been running a tren PH and had awesome strength gains with 500mg test e, 200mg primo IM (forgot ester), 700mg primo and 30mg tren PH.

I’m thinking after this cruise, self injecting. For those unaware of my background, syringes are highly controlled in Japan and if I self inject, I would only get 4 per week.

So, with that said, I could possibly do something like this:

250mg test e, 100mg primo, 200mg tren e (3mL) x 2

And maybe a dbol kickstart? Drop the primo for 2mL?

I can’t seem to wrap my head around injecting tren a EOD with 4 syrings per week… but I’m bad at math so maybe someone can see how it’s possible.

FYI, if I drop the primo, I’d only get 2 syringes per week.

you cant order online? If no why not stock up when your not on “on”?

Again, syringes are controlled on a level as crack would be in the states. No “legitimate” company will even ship here and dark web sites are 10-1 getting confiscated with a potential lengthy police investigation and search warrant.

To give you an idea on drug laws, a couple grams of marijuana is a couple year labor prison sentence – drugs and syringes are a no go here, unless I wanna go down the yakuza / Mafia path, hoping it’s not a sting, or rob a vet for syringes.

There is no “stocking up” because each vial and syringe has to be accounted for on a biweekly basis or they will stop prescribing that way as it’s not an approved at-home treatment, as diabetes is, but syringes are still accounted for there too.

Just a little background on Japan and not worth the inherent risk for syringes.

Ironically, however, steroids are completely legal. Go figure…


Man, I thought America had some dumb drug laws, but you guys have really kicked it up to a whole new level.

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wow thats pretty crazzzzyyy, so i guess your limites to 2 or 3 shots at 3.5cc a week thenn

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I know, right? :joy:
I’d have no problem ordering steroids in the US cause even though it’s a schedule 3 drug there, tell me how many arrests are made for steroids over let’s say others like Vicodin or Ketamine. But, I can tell ya as soon as a syringe is found here, shit will hit the fan.

That’s pretty rough. How would each shot be? The testosterone and primo are in 1mL vials so they can’t be split up unless preloaded, which is why I’m thinking 200mg 1mL tren e + 250mg 1mL test e + 100mg 1mL primo for 2cc in 1 shot and 1cc in the other twice weekly, which makes a tren a run hard.

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Just an idea, but get a glass syringe. It is what everyone used pre-1950s.

Are needles controlled? If not you could get a new needle every time.

You can sterilize a glass syringe many times, especially if you get one with a glass plunger (some are rubber tips, some are glass on glass).

Just an idea, and don’t be stupid (make sure you know how to adequately sterilize it).

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I’m going to look more into this as even though it sounds stupid, I believe if sterilized and a new needle is used, it should be fine.