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Kicking England's Ass


In a little over an hour from now, Australia is going to decimate England in a Rugby Union International Test. As we say in Oz, the only thing better than beating England is beating them twice.

On a serious rugby note, it should be a good game. Hopefully Australia won't embarrass itself like it did last year.


Aus will dominate through the might of St Edmund's College's own MATTY GITEAU.


We didn't even send our full strength team over... Also, it's not for either of us to gloat since neither of us will win the WC next year. However, before the world cup does come round next year, we will:

Hold the ashes
the world cup (soccer)
the rugby world cup
and henman will win wimbledon this year, oh shit, Hewitt beat him today at queens didn't he? Bollocks. Anyway at least we arn't a nation of convicts.