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Kicked Out of T-Cell?


I no longer see the T-Cell listed in the Forums pulldown menu.
Does this mean I've been ejected from the Cell?

I guess I didn't meet the strict standards, so they kicked out the old Dwarf.



You should be able to see a dropdown menu "GROUPS" in the Navigation Bar, right next to "FORUMS."

T-Cell Alpha is listed there, along with the other groups.


Dwarf, you are retarded. Say, "i'm sorry for making this dumbass thread" and move on.


Can he be kicked out for making this thread? that would be irony.


Leave ID alone, or I'll give all you bad boys a beating.


Yes. We just instated the "no douchbag" policy and this is coming dangerously close.

I swear, if that man wasn't extremely talented in his tiny little fingers, I don't know what we would do with him.


He'd make a cute little front man for "Mini-Bon Jovi" or "Mini-Guns n Roses".



Straight up FAIL BLOG performance by ID.


I question what kind of stuff you guys get up to in there...


Helluva lot of LOLZ in here!

MODS: Please toss this thread. Save me further embarrassment!
If not, I'm fine with it staying. T-Nation has some of the funniest folks on the web, and being at the brunt of it is an honor.


What's a t-cell?


It's similar to the Anaconda Protocol, but way more powerful.


it's where you put t-criminals.


Ahhhhhh gotcha!


ID your avatar keeps making me hungry every time I see it.


Well I'm out then.


the burger avatar is win.


^^ ahem, it's a Professor avatar.


Actually had a ProfessorX today. Went down to a place called the HashHouse in Hillcrest, if anyone knows San Diego, and got me a 1lb burger stuffed with Canadian bacon and Roasted red peppers....Mmmmm....

BUT i digress....

*points finger and laughs at ID


Goddammit that smacks of AWESOME. I'm making one of those fuckers. I'm going to add real-assed bacon on top of it, too!

Oh, yeah, I.D.: