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Kicked Out of My House, What Should I Do?

I live in the UK I just turned 21 years old and I got kicked out of my house. I didn’t bother with finishing my college course so I failed. I never wanted to go to college but wanted to start a business, online or in person. Wtf do I do now? I don’t even know if I’m going to surivive tonight. I haven’t talked to any of my friends in years. I’m so fucked. I only have wifi from McDonalds so idk if I’m going to be online much longer. My question is how will I get food, a place to sleep and money? I only worked for work experience as a 16 year old but not a real job since I had a hard time finding one. Idk what to do.

Join your country’s military. If they are not hiring, look into the French Foreign Legion.


ooh - the weather is bad in the UK - also, bad timing as we are heading towards winter.

maybe you should relocate to Hawaii - that would be a better place to be homeless.

my $0.02

I don’t really want to be deployed in some middle eastern country though.

So you choose homelessness? Fantastic: be at peace with your decision, and I wish you the best of luck.


All of a sudden this:

Makes so much more sense…

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This all feels a bit like a troll post, but on the off chance that you’re a serious person:

He gave you some advice. If you don’t like this idea, come up with a better one. The world is a hard place. People screw up, but you’re unlikely to garner much sympathy in this forum, and the truth is that none of the choices in front of you are going to be easy, risk-free, paths to a comfortable life. If you f***ed up badly enough to get kicked out of your house - it really doesn’t matter why - none of your choices are going to be especially comfortable.

Honestly, your best bet is to beg your way back into the good graces of your parents or whoever you were living with, swear that you’ve learned your lesson, promise to do all your chores and clean up your act and wipe their asses with your own hands for the next five years if you have to, because otherwise you’re headed for a much less comfortable existence.

If that is not an option or you are unwilling to try, and you’re also not inclined to consider the military or some other service:

First step is to secure short-term lodging. Find a friend or someone sympathetic that you can stay with. They might ask you for money. You will have to beg them to let you slide on that with a promise to pay them back rent as soon as you have secured a job.

Next step is to secure a source of income to get yourself on your feet. This might be changing the sanitary cakes in the urinals at the dirtiest bathroom in town. Again, you don’t like it, too f***ing bad. Nobody is inclined to give a snot-nosed kid who failed out of college and got kicked out of his own house a comfy and cushy job.

Next step is to dig yourself out of the f***ing hole you put yourself in. Work that job until you’ve made enough money to get your own place and stop leeching off whatever friend of yours has the misfortune to take you in. You want a better job than whatever shit job you start out with? Build yourself the skills to earn one. People don’t just give you money and comfortable jobs. You have to be worth paying something. If you’re not willing to work yourself out of this hole, there is no good answer for you. Good luck.


How is your ability to self assess?

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Ok but how will I get food until then because I have to hike to the closest city?

Idk if they accept homeless people but I’ll try

Peace corps is an option probably. Can you sell your blood / plasma in the UK? Easy money there.

Can you sign up to do medical trials? I had a buddy make $7K in a one month trial. Over here there is a company called prizm that does various trials all the time, that you can get paid for.

Start hiking? Solution seems kind of obvious.

Also, what are you doing on some random internet forum?
Feels like another bad decision in a string of them.

Also only joined an hour ago. Seems strange.

Seems like there would be ‘better’ forums for this kind of question than Tnation.

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My advice: Go read Seneca’s “On Providence to Lucilius” - you’re welcome

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What kind of business? Why can’t you start it immediately?

Go to the nearest religious establishment (church, mosque, synagogue, whatever) and ask them how to find a food bank. That can be done today.

Look into couchsurfing. That can be done today.

There are tons of “Eleventy Hundred Ways to Make Money Online Now!”-type articles out there and plenty of the options are quick, legit solutions. If you only have wifi at McDonald’s, then you have wifi. That can be done today.

Regarding the suspicious nature of a new member popping up to ask this question, this account is associated with a current member. On a judgment call, I allowed this post due to the nature of the topic. If it goes south and he makes me regret the decision, I have no problem removing this and asking that he post under his original account only.


I would like to take a moment to comment that my callousness would have been significantly less and empathy slightly higher were this individual to post with the original account, demonstrating buy-in with the community vs appearing like a typical driveby trollpost.

Less a critique of the individual or you Chris and more semi-face saving on my part.


Okay, I apologize for my comment too -

sigh -

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Foraging in the woods and trapping small animals seems like the only other option.

You have to realize that you really fucked up if you are in a situation like this. If you don’t know anyone who will let you stay at their place then it looks like you need to find a homeless shelter for now. I don’t know how welfare works over there (not that I know much about it here either) but you could see if they will help you and give you some money to rent a room.

So other than that, you need to find a job. If you can’t find anything right away then look for temporary work, there must be something. Anything is better than nothing.

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