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Kickboxing and Westside


Okay I have a dilemma now. I want to start working in more endurance work(In the form of kickboxing) while continuing my westside style of lifting. I was thinking maybe a 2 day split per week, 3 days of boxing.

Monday - Lift
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Box
Thursday - Box
Friday - Box
Saturday - Off
Sunday Lift

Its not too much--i get extra sleep on weekdays since i have school.
I was wondering what would be the best way to arrange the lifting with the kickboxing. Maybe even have both on the same day and add extra rest days?
Erm oh yeah, and Id rotate ME days/DE days every week.
Any experienced people Id love to hear from!!!!


That could be a definite possibility, if you can separate the sessions be at least four hours, or so. A basic full body or upper-lower split could work great.

DeFranco's WSSB is popular with some martial artists I know:

Here's an Elite Fitness article, from a guy who made "traditional" Westside training fit a 3-day-a-week schedule:

Whatever you decide, I think it would be a good idea to follow DeFranco's idea, and lay off the DE lower body work, since you're doing so much lower body-dominant endurance training.


If you haven't been kick boxing for long (and it depends on the type of kick boxing) you may have to cut down to 2 days of lifting at first to recover. Again it depends on the style of kick boxing if it is real or a watered down aerobic version. If it is the real deal, you may be surprised how intense these sessions are. Our school trains you as a fighter, whether you fight or not and it gets tough.

I am not insinuating you do aerobic kick boxing, just, that you didn't state what you were actually doing.

After you adapt to the conditioning I think WSSB may be a good workout. You say your in school, so your young and probably have lots of recovery ability.