Kickboxing and Gaining Mass

Ok, so I’m starting with kick box training. I will train 3 days a week. I was into bodybuilding for 3 years with, I would say, modest results. It was a big tranformation for me though. I never had more than 60kg before going to the gym, now I had 76kg at one moment and I’m generally bigger. For these 3 years I gained, let’s say about 4.5cm in my hands. I’ve had personal trainer for 2,5 years. For the last 6 months I don’t and I’m stagnating. I’ll take personal trainer again in the next few days.

I’m on diet for years now (made by my trainers) and would like to know how to continue gaining mass while training kick box. My goal was always to get as big as I can naturally, and I like more to be big then to be ripped. Of course, my main goal is to get bigger hands.

I generally had most luck with bulkier diet plans. Also I trained 4 times a week for a long period of time, even 5 days a week, and I had results. Actually, the best results came in this period.

I would like to know what you think on my training program, what it should look like in terms of exercises and eating plans and should I split my trainings. If I train kick box 3 times a week, how much days should I devote to gym? Can I gain mass with 2 days a week weight training?

Note this:

  • I don’t want to be professional bodybuilder nor I ever wanted that. I want to get as big as I can, and my goal isn’t to get too lean. My belly is currently 90cm and I’m totally ok with that. When I’m on bulking it really doesn’t bother me much.
  • I don’t want to compete. I’m taking classes in kick box because it gives a lot of confidence and it gives practical fighting skills that work on a lot of people that aren’t training martial arts/aren’t using weapons. (I plan to train it for a year or two) As long as my mass isn’t making me some big problems in fighting I don’t have problem with it.

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my mother thongue :slight_smile:

Someone will be along and give you better advise than me on what your training program should be, but, you dont want to be a professional bodybuilder and you dont want to be a professional kickboxer, then what is the one you enjoy the most? You realize that training for a “year or two” is just covering the basics, right?

Decide what your priority is and devote most of your time to that discipline.

Seriously, is this slang? I know English is not your first langauge, but, how does one get bigger hands? Are you talking about calcium deposits on your knuckles?

Haha, no it’s my english, ARMS is the word I should’ve used :smiley:

I still don’t know which one I’m enjoying the most. I haven’t taken kick box classes earlier therefore I’ll see. But there are many people I know that train kickboxing (aren’t professional kickboxers) and bodybuilding, and still have pretty decent size (although most of them are on juice).

I enjoy bodybuilding pretty much but became interested in kick box recently and was happy that I’ll train it. In this moment I would like to combine these two, and if I needed to decide which one I’ll train that would be bodybuilding.

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It’s still definitely possible to gain mass while training kickboxing, especially if you are only doing the kick boxing recreationally. It’s going to require that you eat enough to make up for the calories that you are expending during your kick boxing sessions though as you want to still be anabolic as much as possible.

You do need to understand though that both Bodybuilding and kickboxing are demanding endeavors (of time, energy, nutrients, mental focus, etc…) and therefore you likely aren’t going to make as much progress in either as you would if you focused solely on just one. So you may also find that you need to streamline your Bodybuilding training so as to allow you to focus your energy better and/or allow for more prehab work to prevent injuries.

Finally individual factors like age, genetic recovery abilities, hormonal profile, stress levels, sleep, diet, etc…can also influence how much your body can take and what you can realistically make progress on/with.

Good luck.

I started martial arts and weight lifting a long time ago, and now I’m going to tell you what I would tell my younger self if I could go back in time.

All that punching and kicking you are going to do is going to be greatly enhanced by a strong core and legs. Having strong legs meant my upper cut startled my kick boxing coach when he first taught me how to do it. Weighted ab twists will also be useful. A strong dead lift meant when judo guys tried sacrifice falls to drag me to the mat I barely budged. And don’t worry about those leg machines meant for the inner and outer sides of your legs; squats will build them up fine.

You should train skills when your muscles are fresh, and your martial arts are your cardio. Don’t worry about running or whatever. Two hard core sports are enough. You should train for strength and power, not size and weight.

Thanks Sentoguy, paules! :slight_smile:

I did bodybuilding mainly for aesthetics. I put strong emphasis on legs, however my training weren’t (up until now) oriented towards power and strength, but size. That’s my question actually: how to train kick box, but still look big? I’m thinking of maybe suspending my gym training for some time and train only kick box but eat a lot and take a load of supplements - can I get bigger with this or it will only make my belly bigger without exercises for size?

I already prepared my supplements (PeptoPro, Whey, Creathine, Glutamine) and I’m in process of making my diet. I guess it’s best to train these two on the same day, with one day rest between (mon-kick box, gym; tue-rest; wed-kick box, gym; thu-rest; fri-kick box, gym) however classes in my club are in the evening, therefore I could hit the gym only before my kick box classes if I wanted to do both on the same day.

How long is the kickboxing class? And how technique dominant vs conditioning/sparring dominant are the classes usually?

If the classes are mainly conditioning/sparring/drilling heavy, then I would not suggest doing your resistance training immediately beforehand as that will not only exhaust you and make learning the skills more difficult, but also potentially put you at increased risk of injury.

Putting your strength training on pause for a couple weeks till you get a sense of how demanding the kickboxing classes are on your body and give your body a little time to adapt to the new demands might not be a bad idea. You aren’t going to shrivel up in that time frame.

After that you can better assess and create a better educated plan for how to re-introduce your strength training back in.

It is very possible to gain weight while fighting. It will take longer then if you weren’t fighting, but it is possible. Your best training compound movements 2 or 3 times per week, squats, fears, presses, rows, and O-lifts.

You say bulking plans don’t work for you… that isn’t the case, your not doing it right or eating enough. You need consume lots and lots of food, not supplements, but food. You also need to do it every day of the week. Alan Thrall makes a YouTube video about it, watch it.

Do kickboxing and still be big, and gaining muscle while doing skill work are very diff.

Muscle and skill
Lift heavy, and do EMOM sets, in diff workouts. Have excellent nutrition and eat your ass off. Lift enough to get sore and get stronger (more force in your sport will add muscle, believe me), but not so much and so often your skill decreases. You’“” have to manage, and make sacrifices for both. You will gain muscle slower, and progress less quickly in skill, or even stall for a little bit. You will have to autoregulate to make slow steady progress in both. Honestly, after two years of that, you’d look good Nekkid and prolly b a really dangerous punching bag for the committed, and true opposition to anyone who isn’t.

Get Gainzz while going to kickboxing clAss:
Kickbox like two days a week. Have your rest days after, lift on the days before in the morning. Go crazy, lift as much as you can. You’ll b really tired in kickboxing, and suck anyway compared to anyone who is 100% about it. But you can beat up drunk ppl. And are jAckEd