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Kickboxer Can't Gain Weight


i have been a kickboxing for the last 4 years, 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. since i have started i have been the same weight(140) and want to move on up to (150) but the high endurance aspect of kickboxing makes it very difficult. i am looking for any information workout, nutritional, or supplement. any help is appreciated


Eat more...

The reality is that to do it right, you're going to probably need to get heavier than you want, then have a fat loss period 'till you get down to a weight you want to cut from.


post your height, training, age.


have you tried eating more and lifting weights?


why do you want to move up?

like the other folks said, lifting and eating more is really about it. you may need to back off some of your kickboxing too, so you can decrease your overall caloric expenditure..


if you want to fight at 150 many may disagree with me but i think you will want to walk at 165


i don't think many will disagree with what you posted. you usually walk one weight classes over your category.


All of the above is correct. It's basically just eating more. If you're doing that much kickboxing you can pay less attention to assistance work for certain attributes & body parts but that's really getting into nuance. Frankly you just need 2-3 (probably just 2) weight session per week, but constantly overeat during the week. Probably somewhere ~750-1000 cal over maintenance. It seems like a lot but you'll need it. Think "gallon of milk per day".

From my experience, training in the morning makes it easier for me to eat during the day. I'm hungrier and I feel like everything I eat is going to help re-build and prep me for the next day. Also depending how much training you're doing (do you do extra cardio? lift now? run any? etc) you'll need to de-prioritize that stuff for a bit. I'm not saying stop, but for instance if you run 30min now, going to 15min really won't hurt you as long as you stay consistent.

You just don't want to have to re-establish the movement pattern later so keeping it (running, bagwork, etc) in small doses serves the purpose. You'll adjust much faster when you get back to training kickboxing full time than if you stopped completely.

If you REALLY want help:


Record every meal you eat, the approximate calories & macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fats)


Snacks, Drinks, everything. I recommend getting a tiny notebook you can keep with you and developing a system that's easy and quick to record. Something like this...


We can help you a great deal more (and you can help yourself) if we have an idea of what you're currently doing for training and nutrition. Right now it's like shopping for a car but not having any money. We don't know wtf budget we're supposed to be working with.


Xen! you finally came out of whatever cave you were hiding, it's a pleasure to have you back!


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