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Kickboxer Breaks Leg




ahhahaha ive seen the 2nd vid…funny shit lol.

as for the first vid, ive seen a couple other ones up on youtube.

my friend actually broke his shin in the first 9 seconds of his first amateur fights.
didn’t snap in half, but still broke. sucks.


Ouch! My shins hurt from watching that.



Cory hill, can’t remember who he was vs. Nasty stuff though. I saw the photo in FIGHT! and was just like…eggghhhh.

Makes me scared to throw leg kicks.

Guess I need to keep kicking those banana trees, ha.


Ungh, his foot is upside down after he stops bouncing around.


I’ts a doggone shame what happened to Cory. I liked him. Hopefully he can come back.


Yeah, a real shame to see such a freak accident happen to anyone.

In the Fight! interview it said that he was back into light training, doing what he could. I think it happened like six months ago now?
He seemed to be staying pretty positive about the whole thing. Seems keen to get back into the ring. Brave man.


Good for him to get back in the ring…other fighters will know though that he has that weapon taken away from him cause I doubt he will kick with that leg again. If anything head kick, but nothing on the legs too much risk. Then again he could use it as a fake to set up somethin else. We’ll see how it goes if/when he gets back in there.
I know my friend didn’t have nearly a bad of a break and the doctor told him his kicking career was over…of course a doc would say that lol