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Kickass Workout Last Night


So i only had 30 minutes before church to hit the gym so i decided to try something new. I remember reading a TC article talking about only doing 3 reps for all your exercises to shake things up. So i decided to do that and see where it got me.

heres what i did.

incline press: 3 reps
side delt raise: 12 reps
hang clean: 3 reps
after the clean i would rep out with shrugs
then pullups:3 reps.

i did all of this for about 4 or 5 sets. defenitley gonna tweak it and add things here and there but over all it was a very cool workout, felt awesome to do. interested in hearing your thoughts and advice, suggestions, critique, whatever. thanks in advance guys.


I would get to the gym sooner.




So basically:

4-5 sets of 3 reps on 3-4 compound upper body lifts + 2 accesssory, higher rep exercises.
Sounds fine so far.
I would probably even out the exercises by adding another push to your 2 pulls. Or do more sets on the bigger lifts (up to 8, maybe).

Do you ramp up the sets (good idea) to a 3-rep max ? Or keep the same weight throughout ( this works well especially if you take very short rest periods ) ?

What are your rest periods ? Long ? Short ?

Done in circuit fashion ? Or straight sets ?

For a quick(er), short WK it sounds pretty good.


hahaha good call guys



I would stop going to church.


Oh you're cool, kaiser.