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Kick Starting Natural T Production

If coming off of TRT will
Clomid or HCG work to kick start the natural T production ?

Is HCG a weekly shot to kick start or is it a short cycle?

My uralagist suggested clomid if i wanted kids sometimes it works, and recognized by medical community, go to endocrinologist , to get legit script, you’re trt doc will give reference, endocrinologist 90%of clients are diebetic, but get 100% pharmaceutical grade . Why are you going off?

You are inevitably going to get referred to the stickies. But I will give you my experience. I came off 2 years of TRT use about 5 weeks ago cold turkey. I opted for no SERMs or HCG just to avoid any potential side effects. Right now, I really do not feel too bad at all. I wont get labs for another months or so, so I will not know for sure if my restart was successful until then. I find that I get tired in the evenings, but other than that I have no Low T symptoms. But I got tired on TRT anyways, so not much different

Clomid and Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) both aid in HPTA restart.

See the HPTA restart sticky