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Kick Ass Workout

Does anyone in here have a real kick ass workout program that builds strength and muscle…i’m lookin for a complete program or at least a link or something to a good workout…length, sets, reps, body parts trained on specific days should all be included…im just looking to change up my workout…thanks

Have you tried EDT, or GVT 2000? There are variety of great programs that are available here at T-mag. I’m sure you can find one you havn’t tried in one of the previous issues.

I have the link that has all the greatest workouts, training information, nutritional information, etc. That will get you as far as your effort will take you. www.t-mag.com

i did indeed search on this website…i guess maybe i should have asked for any suggestions within this site for a good workout program…my bad…dont worry i dont doubt this site at all