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Kick Ass Movie


Saw it.See it.Awesome. Bit rough for a 15 rating though.


How much was it toned down from the actual comics? Did they screw it u like they did when they bastardized "Wanted"?


They're talking part 2 with the main villain being the c*nt Oh yeah


I did'nt read the comics but could'nt imagine them being any more vulgar lol.

Oh yeah we'd better put SPOILER at the top of any posts that might erm...spoil stuff for people :wink:


a bunch of this was filmed on my street


Read the comics. If it was a straight adaptation it would have been an NC-17, easy. Was the little girl still a psychopath, at least?


She chopped peoples legs off, jumped on their shoulders and stabbed them in the head, crushed someone in a car compactor...

Maybe the only reason it was a low rating is because she is only 13?


LOL. At least they kept that. I was going to see it anyway, but now i feel a bit better. Can't take my 6 year old to see it unfortunately.


Saw it last night. Certainly an awesome piece of film-making. Very original. The action sequences were exceptional.
Soundtrack was awesome.


It was very funny, but definitely needed a higher rating.