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Kick-Ass Cottage Cheese Recipe

Hey all-I just tried this and it is killer! 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese, 1 packet Splenda, 1/2 scoop Advanced Protein (vanilla), and a handful of chopped strawberries. Use more or less of the above ingredients depending on your needs.

I use 1/2 package, 1 scoop advanced, and banana. Freeze for about 1 hour. Tastes like frozen cheese cake with banana. Try cherry or apple pie filling for even yummier treat!

Okay, here’s mine: Chocolate Advanced Protein, cottage cheese, natural peanut butter, a little ice. Blend and chill. Before you eat it, top it with a few whole peanuts. Adjust amounts to meet your own needs and goals. Makes a great protein plus fat meal or a pre-bed shake. Got some stuck in my teeth as I write this.

I’m addicted to the following:
1 med tub 1% cottage cheese,
1/2 pckt instant oatmeal,
1 pckt SPLENDA,
1/2 palm full of raisins . . ,
Utterly delicious

Yeah, I’m a member of the Cottage Cheese Addicts Club also:-) My fave is a scoop of an MRP, 1 1/2 cups cottage, Spleda, ground cinnamon and some maple extract. Dayum, that’s good!

My contribution: Half a tub (100g) of cottage cheese, one scoop Vanilla Advanced Protein, a handful of blueberries, one cup of water. Blend, chill and serve with granola or bran flakes on top. Excellent taste, but the best part is the radical purple color that results, and other people’s expressions when they see you eating it.

I have no recipe to add, Chris C’s post made me laugh. I usually tear off the top of a packet of Grow! add ice cold water, stir and eat. You should see the looks on the faces of the other women I work with! They tell me the vanilla looks like…well you know, that other stuff that is associated with testosterone. But, they can’t resist coming over and sniffing. They say it smells great!

Man, it’s nearly 10:00 p.m. and reading these little recipes are making me HUNGRY?! Good thing I hammered out a big back and chest workout tonight, plus rode at lunch, 'cause I can justify something more than a few spoons of cottage cheese (at 7:30 I had 2 1/2 scoops Advanced Protein in cottage cheese with flax seeds for dinner while my wife and son ate pizza). T-Man rules! All I have to do now is head out to the garden with my flashlight and pick some splenda.

i dont know if i used too much grow for the amount of cottage cheese or what, but last night i tried vanilla grow mixed in with cottage cheese and could barely eat the stuff. i honestly think my pw shake with whey hydro tastes better. i dont know, maybe it was just the vanilla and cheese mixed together but that was some nasty shit. i like cottage cheese though and i like grow, but together i guess they don’t mix good with my taste buds.

what is splenda?

It’s one of the newer sweeteners-also known as sucralose. Much better than aspartame. Any groc. store has it.