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Kick Around Tunes



I must say I enjoy the training music threads, I always find a new song or two to add to my playlist.

I do like music when out and about too, usually of a different variety.

What are some songs you listen to just for fun or while hanging out?

Currently I'm really digging Closer by Kings of Leon. Not really a KOL fan, but love that tune.

Lets hear yours!


Just heard this the other day, a bit older but good






always been a John Hiatt fan but listening to him a lot more lately


I forgot all about candle box!

And thanks for the John Hiatt, never heard of him but I could get in to some of his stuff.


glad you like him. one of the best songwritters out there.


Lately, I have been listening to the Fleet Foxes.




I like John Hiatt too, I remember him from a camping trip to Canada and listened to this one about 100 times.

I love the country duets,

and James McMurty is awesome


No idea why I like this song, but I do.


I'm in love with this little hipster chick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WJFjXtHcy4

Gets dirty at :50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhSZi_wYyhU


ol' Delbert ain't to bad either

local band. picked up the cd at Park Pizza where one of the members work.


Ok so I'm becoming a KOL yuppie. The more I listen, the more I like.


Really love this song:

This thread has way more views than contributions. Lets hear some songs, even if they are old standards.


Love this Norwegian band.

Video not for the squeamish


Another tune of theirs I like.

Again, if you feel squeamish, don't watch. Just listen....