Kianoush Rostami Interview

Hello all,
A little last minute, but better late then never. I will be interviewing Kianoush Rostami this evening (granted all proceeds) and would like to hear from you all what you would like to find out about him, and weightlifting in Iran (no political/govt related questions). Look forward to the replies!

If it’s not too late, ask him as much about training/diet/programming/technique as humanly possible. Maybe ask him what went wrong heading into the London Olympics that led to him only making 2/6 lifts.

Also, is this like an online interview or something? Because if this man is in your (our) neck of the woods when I’m stuck out of town I’m going to be annoyed.

Awesome. It’s over the phone, so no you didn’t miss out!

ice age man you were supposed to be interviewing rostami what happened? not heard any news on it?