Did anyone happen to see the May Playboy with Kiana (ESPN Fitness star)? I was wondering (and not a knock to the beautiful Kiana) but do you think there is a time that a women can actually look sexier dressed (either fully or partially) rather than nude?

I like that business casual sort of look

Yes, and believe it or not, a woman who dresses relatively conservatively turns me on a lot more than one who lets it all hang out. Revealing clothing actually turns me off.

Sometimes it’s better for a girl to wear stuff that covers everything, but still shows off all her curves/boobs, etc because then I get to wonder what she’d look like barenaked.

I agree, the dressed but a tad revealing does it for me. However, way too young girls dress in this sort of way probably out of naivety, but still. People sometimes should get courses on how to dress! Kiana looks better dressed in the Playboy IMO.

Doug you got me looking for those pic’s. First, I think a woman is sexy when she’s wearing nothing but a buttoned down dress shirt(hey just me).
So I had to go find the Kiana pic’s. I haven’t seen the paper playboy but the cyber pics look pretty good to me.
However, why do they always have to go BIG on the boob job?? but she has good legs and a great ass !!

I remember when the Playboy with Cindy Crawford came out. I was very disapointed. Yeah, I think women can look better with clothes on than nude. I didn’t like the way Kiana’s boob implants were shaped. It didn’t look right at all.