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Ki development

I know we have a number of martial artists here and while most of them seem to train in the harder styles I was wondering if anyone has done any serious training in internal arts and can point me in the direction of some good web sites or books on the subject. I am training in hapkido and jujitsu and while we do a bit of ki development, it never hurts to do additional research.

“Ki In Daily Life” By Koichi Tohei ISBN 0-87040-436-9

Look into Aikido. Some schools focus more on Ki development, while others focus more on techniques.

The Chinese believe that tai chi is the most basic element in improving your Ki.

I thought it was Chi not Ki. Oh, well then again what do I know I am just a bad speller and grammer that gets Flamed on all the time :slight_smile:

Chi is the Chineese. Ki is the Japanese. Correct me if I’m wrong Ko. :wink:

There are many books on chi development. Much of the basic stuff can be learned from a good Iron Shirt Chi Gung instructor.
However, one must be careful when developing chi. There are two books that I would recommend to you. There are written by a College Professor/Ninja (yup, that is right). When I get home I will get the correct titles and author’s name. Right now all I can remember (Old age thing) is the title was something like, “Path Notes of a Shadow Warrior”. Best of Luck.

I know Professor Ninja. He’s totally sweet. One time in class this kid was chewing gum and Professor Ninja flipped out on him.

To Doogie:

Yeah and his books are funny and enjoyable. A good read. But hey, ya got to start somewhere.
Best of Luck.

Hi Martin,
Below is the listing to some books that will provide some insights.
Chi development is a very touchy and individual thing.
Best of Luck.
Path Notes of an American Ninja Master, by Glen Morris, ISBN 1-55643-157-0

Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master, by Glen Morris, ISBN 1-883319-29-3

The Power of Internal Martial Arts (Combat Secerts of Ba Gua Tai Chi and Hsing-I, ISBN: 1-55643-253-4

So what exactly has this ki development done for you? What have you noticed? Thanks. :slight_smile: