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Khangles' GIF Dump


Perhaps…but my guess is that this is what you were really up:


That took a completely unexpected turn and I absolutely loved it.

Edit: What was the search for this gift, because I need it haha


Powerlifters and Ammonia


Frequent Thread Post:

Formcheck with 144p quality and useless camera angle (birds eye view)


Srs this should be a sticky. How to stick YouTube vids in ur post and to take some decent looking side and other views with heavy-ish weights.



When you overdose on GIFs



Time to bring this thread back to life.


But Thanos is the bad guy who uses the time stone for bad stuff…





Edit: can also be used for:
“Me when george finally releases winds of winter”


I’m hyped. Excepttttt the new season is ages away


The feeling I get when I roll into a new thread with way too much potential for flaming…