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Khangles' GIF Dump


The results are in and the forum has narrowly voted to enable my addiction to GIFs.

Fortunately I was prepared with GIFs for all scenarios.

However given the narrow margin by which the stop/overusing voters were defeated lel I thought it only fair to reach a compromise: This thread will serve to protect the rest of the forum to some degree from the worst of my GIF habit.

Pls feel free to ignore the posts here as I dump GIFs I find/make for later use, perusal and lels.

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Teen Hardgaining
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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis

“Do you bench? Can I join?” - Sarychev



Don’t stop Dude, I love these Gif’s.



Big Jez' Training Log

Good Lift


Sumo “Cheat” Deadlifts


Lul this thread is going to start moving so slow very quickly. The last 2 gifs are already going in slow motion for me.


Potato internet lel


Yeah wtf the last one won’t even load for me…


Memes also bruh?

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Ha, I love these kind of threads



Ornstein and Sandow


All Hail God of Cheat Deadlift, Vincent “The Belkin” Pachuta, aka @Vincepac1500





Invoice for services rendered to @oldbeancam

4 x GIFs $2.50ea
1 x Meme Free

Total: $10 worth of Whey Protein