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Khan vs Maidana


Good fight, bit of a shame maidana got winded so early.
Khan sure let critics know that his jaw aint exactly glass, took a lot of uppercut and overhands.
Thought cortes the ref was in Khans favour far too often.
Never bought into the hype, resilant performance.
Certainly a contender.
Would love a marquez v khan outing.


Khan was very dissapointing, especially after all the shit talking Freddie Roach did.

Plainly put, the guy ain't great. He's an ok fighter who lost the last three rounds BADLY and nearly got KO'd. His blatant running away during those rounds was embarrassing.

Not a fan.


even exhausted maidana was able to hurt Khan, cortez got in the mix a little too much for my liking. he should have let the guys box it out more in the clinch. too bad maidana started getting pretty tired around the 9th round. those 1st rd. body shots surprised not only me but also maidana. you don't really recover from those shots, they stay with you as opposed to clearing the cobwebbs after a good head shot. i'd like to see a rematch.


Apparently Roach thinks he can beat Mayweather. He aslo said Khan whooped Pacman in sparring. All this is is leading me to think Money tools both. If they ever fight of course.


I am disappoint.

Gonna put this down to "bad style matchup" and wait for his next fight.


I was expecting more from Khan, but he looked sharp in the beginning. He should have put Maidana away in the first or second.


I didn't see the start of the fight, heard he knocked him down with a body shot, which is good. But Maidana is a tough guy, but not that skilled.

This fight puts him WAY down the list in my eyes. Floyd would utterly dominate him.

Freddie Roach irritates the shit out of me too


Reason #4253465356 why I hate the british press


How does nearly getting KO'd at the hands of a mediocre fighter earn you a shot at one of the greatest fighters of all time?



Even I wouldn't have gone that far had he put a masterclass on Maidana's ass.

Scary thing is that in the eyes of the press a fight against a "victorious" Khan may be more legitimate than against a "broken" Paul Williams.


With a different ref Maidana would have beat Khan, which is probably why he wont be getting a rematch. He'd be dominated by Mayweather and the top 140lb fighters.


Actually, it couldn't have been a worse weekend for British boxing. Not only Amir Khan, but also Nathan Cleverly and Matthew Macklin, two of the Brits brightest up-and-comers, were held to close decisions by no-name opponents this saturday.


Well, I watched the whole fight again, scored it 113-112 for Khan.

That is, of course, with POS Joe Cortez deducting a point without a warning when Maidana elbowed HIM... not even the fighter.

Once again, shitty job Cortez. looked like Hatton-Mayweather all over again.

But regardless- Khan faded badly, and took literally ONE good overhand right on his chin that nearly ended his fight.

Like I said, he's mediocre at best.


I agree. Khan is good but he won't be great. Look at how Mayweather responded after being rocked by Mosley. That's how great fighters respond. Khan just ran around and never really recovered. I'm disappointed. He was one of my favorite up and comers.


You all do realize that elbowing the ref IS in fact worthy of a point deduction. As far as i know even touching the ref can merit a warning, but shit maidana intentionally elbowed. That being said, I was pulling for marcos in this one, and yeah he got the shitty end of the stick with the ref, just as hatton did, but the man lost fair and square. Id pick him in a rematch as well, and any 140 right now really. The dudes got some settling down to do though. All in all, Impressive performances by both guys


Watch what Mayweather does straight after he gets clocked. Even a boxer as incredibly skilled as he is, held on to Mosley's arm for dear life (sure, he recovered)

Sure, he's a million miles better, but surviving a flush one to the chin from Maidana in the 10th round isn't exactly a walk in the park. Khan did very well to survive.

I do agree with you, he may not be great, but he's very exciting.


The difference is in how they reacted. Khan ran for the remainder of the fight, while Mayweather came back and absolutely dominated the fight.

That's the difference between "OK" and "The Best."


Actually, the difference is more to do with skill. Too many variables in the situation you describe for it to be legitimately claimed that mayweather acted more like a champion than khan did.

Quite simply, Khan had almost nothing in the tank when he got tagged (hard) and then was followed far more effectively by Maidana than Mayweather was by Mosley.

Watch how Mosley tapers off like he ran out of gas. Not taking anything away from Mayweather. He's a better boxer than Khan will ever be - I agree with you there. I just don't think its a valid comparison.

PS. He's a piece of shit too.


No. No there's not. Floyd got hit hard early, and came back to win nearly every round against a ring legend.

Maybe you're right that it's different- Maidana is nowhere near the level of Shane Mosley, even at 39. WHich makes it even worse for Khan.

So by the tenth round, he had nothing left? Explain to me how this helps Khan at all.

And they have different styles of fighting. Maidana is a simple brawler, Mosley is a real boxer. So he should have been followed more effectively, because that's all Maidana knows how to do.


When Khan got hit hard in the 10th, he was already running out of gas due to the high work that he had put in for 20-something minutes previously. It is harder to recover when you're like that. Plus, he doesn't have a chin like Mayweather's.

Sure, Mosley's a ring legend, but in that fight he was barely competitive. He hadn't boxed in about a year, was 39 and far behind Mayweather in skill terms. Also, watch his activity levels drop after the first two or three rounds - and this wasn't forced by Mayweather. He just seemed like he was punching through treacle.

I think we're getting wires crossed when we need not. All I was saying was that Khan reacted the best he could, given how hard he was hit. And for a minute or so, Mayweather also reacted by holding hard. It is what a fighter ought to do. No one should stand there after getting tagged, and beg to be hit again.

Both reacted properly to when they got hit - this is embodied in the fact that they both won their fights.


That was quite clear. There's no excuse for him running out of gas though. He wants to talk that shit that he can take Mayweather, kid got a long fuckin way to go. I saw NOTHING that told me he would stand a chance.

Do you box? Answer that question before I go further.

Mayweather came back and won THE NEXT ROUND and nearly every one after. Khan ran for his life. It's simple as that.

The difference is how they reacted in the following roounds. Money dominated. Khan ran. Case closed.