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Khan vs. Kotelnik Live



Anyways, it's live at time of posting, let's see what Khan is made off.

Use this link:


Khan is overrated. I don't know much about Kotelik, though, but if has any kind of power he'll be able to put Khan down quick.


Opps if that link don't work I'll look for another.

Yeah I think Khan is WELL overrated. But I'll still give this to Khan, by KO.




Over-rated eh? My boy Khan is world champ and deservedly so. Great performance, and as Roach and Warren said afterwards he is still learning. He's going to be a great champion.


LOL. I knew you would say something about it. That's almost why I said it in the first place haha.

But, I watched a little of the fight- he looked good. Cat has fast hands, and as long as he keeps that chin away from big shots he's got a chance.

He's definitely got the skills and the Freddie the joke coach Roach- which is one huge asset.

We'll see. I really wish the fight with Barrera didn't get stopped, because that would have been a better test. But Khan is doing what he needs to, and seems like a decent guy.

They're talking about him fighting Ricky Hatton though... and you know how I'll be with that one.


Yeah I took the bait good and proper!

I'm with you on the Barrera fight for sure. Apparently Warren isn't keen on the Hatton/Khan idea, so I don't know if it really has legs. I tell you what though if it happens and it happens over here I'll be queuing for days to get tickets.


The when didn't he rematch the guy who he got KTFO by. The guy who shattered Khans glass jaw fought Friday and got beat by a nobody.




Khan took a goo few shots to the chin against Kotelnik and they barely rocked him. Roach has turned it around since then and Khan doesn't need to rematch fighters like Prescott. He's the WBA Light-Welterweight Champion for fuck's sake.