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Khan Barrera Live



EDIT: This was the live link. The re-run posted later.


Obviously the link won't work after the fight has finished. Anyway, enjoy.


Here's the re-run:


Thanks man. I missed this one. Fucking time difference was killer. Heard Khan won though.



Yeah Khan won, but I was really disappointed in the way it all went down. Khan deserved to win, but we'll never really know because of the accidental clash of heads. It was one hell of a gash Barrera picked up though, nothing the corner could do about it.

Khan looked really sharp though, I don't think Barrera could have lived with him with or without the cut. I hear a lot about Freddie Roach, don't know much about him, but the commentary/analysis team seemed pretty sure he has worked wonders both with Khan's speed and his defence.


I watched the fight... very one sided in favor of Khan. Cut or not, Barerra was in trouble the whole time.

Great showing for Amir, even though I don't really like Freddie Roach


Khan clearly has improved dramtically. I saw a bit of Manny's style starting to show through.


What's all the hype about with Roach then? I mean during the build up to Arlovski/Fedor it was all about Arlovski working with Roach, then during the Khan fight they were talking Roach up as the reason behind Khan's improvements. I don't remember other coaches being talked up so much.


Well, for one, though I don't like him, he's a very good coach. He's trained BHop, Pacman, DLH, and many, many other fighters. This has brought him a high profile. On top of that, he's got a big mouth- he called DLH's trainer an asshole in the buildup to the fight with Pac, he's said a lot about Ricky in the upcoming fight... he brings attention to himself.

He's also got Parkinson's from his own career, which only adds to it (although he very, very rarely ever mentions it, to his credit).


Roach gets a lot of hate, but he's rarely wrong.


He is a top trainer, no doubt.

Maybe its just mind games but, he does seem to get heavily involved in the press build up to fights. He's had a lot of pretty severe things to say about Hatton in the build up so far. I mean, if he really thought Hatton was as bad as he says, I doubt they would be training as much as they are for the fight.

Khan did look good in the fight. I think people are getting a little carried away with it though. Some are already mentioning him fighting Marquez before the end of the year. I hope for Khan's sake he doesnt.