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Khaine's Smolov Experience and 531 Molestation

Week 2 in progress

Squat 9x112,5 / 146 / 321 (PR)

Bulgarian Split Squats

I’m sore to my bones now. Gotta love it.

Bench Press 11x87,5 / 119 / 262 (PR)

Buncha chins

DB Floor Presses

Blast Strap Inverted Rows w/ fat grips

Gun Show

Rep PRs are stacking up again. I’ll keep going with my current set up for another 4 cycles, pushing my bodyweight into the 200s. Goal weights by the end of this period are 350 / 275 / 485.

Week 2

Deadlift 7x157,5 / 194 / 427

I decided the set was over too early, and couldn’t get back in the right mindstate. Had a rep or two left here.

RDL 6-6-6-6 set

Pallof Presses

Military Press 6x62,5 / 74 / 163

Shit set. A couple reps that started traveling on me and wore me out early.

Weighted Chins

Weighted Dips

1,5 Rep T-Bar Rows

Biceptz and triceptz

531 Week

Squats 7x120 / 147 / 323 (PR)

Bulgarian Split Squats

Blast Strap Fallouts

531 Week

Bench 9x92,5 / 120 / 264 (PR)

Lots of Chins

DB Floor Press

Fat Grip Blast Strap Inverted Rows

Pump the gunz