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KFC or Popeyes?


If were are talking fatty foods, this is a debate that i can't for the life of me decide on....
personal i'd take a 10 piece bucket from both, 6 kfc biscuits, mashed pots n gravy from both, some kfc mac & cheese and greens beans, and maybe some baked beans. and eat until my insides fly out of my bum hole, then i'd continue eating.......what about you?


Popeyes chicken (spicy), onion rings, and red beans and rice. Now yer talkin'.


their rip in chicken is amazing......and red beans and rice is something one can never go wrong with.......

and btw what exactly is an "Eye Dentist" just curious


LFC is gross and ive never had popeyes..although the Cajun Rice from Churchs is good.

I cant really get down with fast food chicken though. You need to put soul into that kinda food and some high school kid making it while texting is never gonna be good


You gotta fry chicken in the pan with the grease from before you were born in it lol


Every now and then Popeye's is OK but I hate fast food. Except mcgriddles those are delicious.


how are you going to compare something as awesome as popeyes to something as nasty as mc donalds? i don't really like fast food either but damn lmao, if we are going mc d's breakfast then the bacon egg n chz biscuit (or steak egg n chz bagel) is the way to go


Eye dentist = ophthalmologist. It's a term of good-natured ribbing/disparagement some non-eye docs use to describe us--ie, that we aren't medical doctors so much as 'dentists of the eye.'


KFC extra crispy and a Gallon of their Cole Slaw


aaahhh ok.....learn something new everyday


no mac & cheese? and im not a fan of their cole slaw (or cole slaw in general, but especially theirs)


I love their cole slaw but only to bathe in :slightly_smiling:


Popeyes chicken and biscuits + KFC mashed potatoes and gravy = glorious!


only thing i would change in that combo is i'd rather have kfc's biscuits. but you're right, that is GLORIOUS! lol and matty so how much cole slaw does it take for you to get a thorough bathing? im guessing at least a couple gallons, do they give you a bulk discount? or do you just have a pt job there and use their mop sink as a tub?


KFC = better chicken

Popeyes = better sides


that's a bold statement to go against the colonels mashed pots n gravy and mac.....but i definately agreed about the chicken part


I donno man, their biscuits are like smoothered in butter before they're baked.


No love for the spicy chicken??


Ya i know, but we're talking about fat kid foods anyways so if you gonna be bad, then you gotta be downright evil =) i just feel like popeyes biscuits are too dry


and i NEVER said that I didn't love popeyes spicy chicken, i'm just saying as overall....but popyes spicy chicken is bomb! like i said originally, i'd take a 10 piece bucket of both, plus like 30000000000 sides, and eat ill i crap blood, then keep eating