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KFC Lawsuit: Too Much Trans Fat


I'm not really about suing fast food companies (except maybe for scalding hot coffee) but I think KFC deserves this one for that marketing crap they pulled a while back when they said that fried chicken is part of a healthy diet.



I reckon they should put more trans fat in their food.

Nobody eats KFC thinking that it is the slightest bit healthy. I we could increase the level of trans fat maybe all the poeple that eat too much KFC will die off and then we can stop having fat people whinge that the existence of bad food, and not their inability to control what goes into their mouth, is to blame for their obesity and health problems.


OMG. People should lay off the deep fried foods anyway. No matter what kind of fats the food is deep fried in, it's still bad for you. It's a personal choice to eat or not eat junk food. Dayem, whatever happened to expecting people to take responisibility for their own choices and actions...there's a novel idea, eh??

And the courts-- this IS a frivolous lawsuit. A much better deterrent would be for people not to frequent KFC and to change their lifestyles, if KFC sells less deep fat fried chicken, they'd have to change their menu offerings based upon consumer demands and preferences. The courts allowing them to say, "Now we deep fry in a better fat" (pfffffffftttttt) is just a bs bandaid excuse for fatties to say, "it's healthy for me now!" and eat that gross shit.

I dream and fantasize about the day a law is passed called, "The Personal Responsibility Act", which would say if you did it to yourself, made a CHOICE to do something and then you suffered harm as a result of your own actions and choices, then your lawsuit is FRIVOLOUS and a waste of the courts' time.

And boy oh boy, that forgotten concept called "Common Sense".


I dream about that as well.

Not as much as I dream about boobies, but they are both damn good dreams IMO.


Personally, I would scarf chicken fried in coconut oil, anytime. But it wouldn't be as crispy as the Colonel's secret toxic recipe. And that's why they don't sell it.

I'm sorry, but there is something very wrong with that. I'm single and I work only 20 hours a week. I have plenty of time to think about my health, learn how to enhance it and cook proper meals.

And I can't imagine how it is for someone who works 60 hours a week and raises children, and might find it advantageous to pick up a bucket of chicken or some other restaurant-prepared food on the way home. Food that was healthy before the advent of this relatively recent toxic food environment.

They shouldn't be poisoned for someone else's profit. And I'd hope people like myself could have compassion enough to understand the situation of others, who aren't as lucky as we to have this opportunity at so much knowledge and alternatives.


Fried Chicken is part of a healthy diet. It's good for the soul, and what's good for the soul, is good for the heart.


Im getting sick of shit like this. How stupid are some people these days. It is unhealthy, if you dont want to suffer from any of the negative health effects it may casue, DONT FUCKING EAT IT!Simple. And the "Im far too busy to cook" excuse is just bullshit, why not pick up a pre-made salad and some tuna from the supermarket? Or even a sandwich from subway would be a better choice. Dont blame others for the shit you put into your body.


Common Sense? Personal Responsibility? Such filthy words coming from the mouth of one so fair...no really, I totally agree.

The pussification of our society is getting totally ridiculous. Nobody can change a tire, cook a meal, get up off of the couch, what a bunch of crap. Maybe we should start petitions for the Personal Responsibility Act. We would have a great many obstacles though. For one thing, we wouldn't find enough people with enough sense to sign.


Thanks! Some days during my drive home, I think to myself that I'm going to make that petition and start getting it signed. :slight_smile:


I'm almost always in favor of measures which promote disclosure, but in this case the info is already available on the website. The aims of the lawsuit seem to be legally unrealistic but it makes a good publicity stunt and shines a spotlight where KFC doesn't want one. I had no idea that KFC was THIS unhealthy, but I knew it was sufficiently unhealthy that I haven't been willing to have it in the past decade.


My preference would be for the loser of a civil lawsuit to pay the legal cost of the winning side, as is the case in Europe. It cleans out a lot of the frivolous lawsuits when the ambulance chasers have to consider loss of money as well as of time.



and wendy's is gonna make things better by changing to a soy/corn oil blend!


ill sign, i wish more people would take responsibility for their own asses in stead of looking for excuses.

this quote shocked me

"Anti-soda crusader Harold Goldstein tells the Bee that Americans simply can't be trusted with the complex task of feeding themselves."

do people really believe this? if so what the hell is wrong with people, did mommy cook all your meals! now you out the house and on your own KFC seems the logical choice?

heres the article from whence it came


Great article Wayland. And OMG, the viewpoint of those people:

-"He also suggests that human beings have no more control over their food choices than animals in a cage."

-"Obesity is not merely a matter of individual responsibility. Such suggestions are naive and simplistic."

-PETA medical "expert" Neal Barnard tells tales of food addiction, arguing that "it's high time we stopped blaming ourselves for over-eating."


Is it bad that I think the same way?



Kentucky FRIED Chicken has alot of fat??
Isn't that like being surprised when a KILLER Whale kills somthing?





I know KFC is bad for me. That is why I my choices for fried chicken are Popeyes or Churches.


I think you all missed the point. KFC are specifically using a type of trans fat that is perticuarly harmful; just because it is marginally cheaper for them to do so.


I'm guessing this case will get dismissed very quickly. Remember, anyone can file a lawsuit for anything. Getting to trial and then winning is another matter. The case was probably filed just for the negative publicity.